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Pipeline Backed by Pruitt's Oil Lobbyist Landlord Approved While EPA Chief Was Receiving Sweetheart Rent


Pipeline Backed by Pruitt's Oil Lobbyist Landlord Approved While EPA Chief Was Receiving Sweetheart Rent

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As EPA chief and reigning number one seed in the "worst Trump cabinet member" bracket Scott Pruitt attempts to beat back accusations that he violated ethics rules by renting a room from the wife of powerful energy lobbyist J.


Let’s hear it all again, how you are going to vote these bastards out. I read yesterday on Zero Hedge that Trump now has a 50 percent approval rating. Sit back and let that settle in the old brain pan. Up is down and Inside is now the new outside…and this country is so fucked that the only thing keeping it together is the corruption.


The USA now has the most corrupt political system on earth. The whole concept of “legalized” bribery through lobbyists is hideous beyond measure. Why anyone still participates by voting for either of the two corporate parties (at least at the national level) is beyond my comprehension. The system is so corrupt now, that even a candidate that may have “good intentions” soon finds they have no power unless they go to the “dark side” once they are in Washington. The system is beyond redemption now and has been this way for decades and only getting worse if such a thing is possible. Folks, it is time for massive boycotts and general strikes and that includes voting for the donkeys and elephants, to say nothing of these corporations that now own the USA.


Truer words have never been written.


We might have marginal success with voting and protests, but the only way we will get our govt. back is by force (I know nobody on this site wants to hear that). The system rigging is to deep for non-violence to work, and they know it IMHO.


The words “Environmental Protection” don’t exist in Scott Pruitt’s agency.

Sketchy Scotty is a walking conflict of interest - the epitome of corruption. This is his SOP.


https://www.foodandwaterwatch.org/ This is one of the best charities that I know on so many issues


I’m kinda glad Gandhi walked the path of non-violence, and it worked against the most powerful military in the world. The principles of non-violence allow for self defense. This nation, though, was born out of violent revolution; the precedent has been set. Hell, the Declaration could have been written yesterday (with a few tweaks), a clear call for revolt. Non-violent revolution has had remarkable success here too. The abolitionists, populists, women, civil rights, and Labor organizers used non-violence, and although some died at the hands of the state and their mercenaries, tens of thousands did not,which surely would have happened had they chosen violent revolution.

You may be right, but it is far easier to resort to violence if non-violence fails, than vice-versa. That said, I’m more afraid of Nazis brandishing guns than I am of the state brandishing guns.


Very good observations lobo. Violent protests will play right into their hands. That is what they are trying to provoke, as it would give them the perfect cover for harsh repression, with at least
half of the general public’s support. We must not fall for this!


Don’t know where/how they (ZH) arrived at that approval number Dan, but there is this…I will not - do not - cannot believe the 50% support claim! The rotten fish-head scum and his regime are opposed by an increasing majority!

''You can fool some of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all, all of the time"!


There is a difference? Show me.


“ethics experts argued that the pipeline approval at the very least gives off the appearance of a conflict of interest.”

  • the pipeline approval along with everything else pruitt has done @ the EPA is a vile stench with few equals…except most all the other trump regime’s nominees and appointees and what they are doing to destroy our republic!..With the ring-leader figurehead the vilest destroyer and mental-case of all…


It is amazing how quickly corruption is becoming normalized by this administration, it’s just in your face now.


With all due respect to Honest Abe, it’s now possible—in fact, it’s commonplace—to fool enough of the people enough of the time. “Liberal media” my bleeding buttocks.


I know this is not the place but is anyone else wondering about the new Chinese sponsored Shanghai Energy Exchange and why the mainstream media and even CD et all are not seriously covering this and its potential to cause hyperinflation in the US?
With Trump being so irrationally unstable I have read in international media that the new exchange is looking good to the rest of the world.


I have to say I agree with you that the only way out of this is by force. The level of corruption is so immense and the 1% is so powerful I don’t see any other way… I wish I did.


Yes, but too bad this is not an anomaly instead of the norm.


Charity? Lol that’s a biased lobbyist group…


Another super wealthy individual who is cheap. Surprise surprise.

Likely has millions in the bank but what moves him? Cheap rent.

Like billionaires who lobby to pay less in taxes. Sociopaths all of them.


Ever notice how those with the most assets fight to part with a nickel of it if they can?