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Pipeline Resistance in North Dakota Continues as Judge Delays Ruling


Pipeline Resistance in North Dakota Continues as Judge Delays Ruling

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Indigenous activists are keeping up resistance to a proposed oil pipeline in North Dakota this week as a federal judge delayed a decision on allowing the construction to continue.


For anyone who might want to join Indigenous students who have mounted a petition against the pipeline


Because this pipeline runs across 300 miles of federal land Obama could stop it in a New York minute.


Wouldn't it be nice if the lame-duck President stood with the people
once in a while --
ok, ok, -- my mistake
the party ''of the people'' is not really the party of the people.


Can you imagine "groups call on Clinton.." or "groups call on Trump.." will the results be any different? no, probably worse. Now imagine: "groups call on Stein.." hell, yea. Keep clean, Vote green :wink:


Our legal system is beyond me -- I understand that someone who can prove damages can sue in civil court, but why must those who live near a dangerous pipeline, or downstream, be forced to wait for damages to occur? Shouldn't a plausible threat of future damage be enough for the courts to stop the harm before it occurs? Maybe people who can show a statistical likelihood of future damage should collect their monetary settlements in advance. And shouldn't it be a criminal offense for corporations (who are people) to menace someone with a risky pipeline, just as it is to threaten them with a knife or gun? Why shouldn't someone threatened by a pipeline be allowed to "stand your ground?" Or, if civil court is the only remedy, shouldn't people who are worried and upset about pipeline risk have grounds to sue? Isn't that emotional damage? I'm feeling emotionally damaged by the risky threats of this and other big pipeline projects, also deep water drilling and arctic drilling, and could use a few million bucks.


It's beyond all of us because it doesn't work for us but only pretends to. Occasionally a very few lawyers step out of the System and file legal actions which, if the outcome decisions happened to favor ordinary people over monied interests, it could look like lawyers help good triumph. But the monied interests can often use whole departments of lawyers with research assistants to gang up on claimants.

There is, after all, no such thing as "The Law" as it is spoken of. There are a lot of laws in a lot of books and a lot of lawyers ready and willing to interpret them in ways that rarely help ordinary unlawyered up people.


Could, but, since the current mass murderer in chief works with corporate amerika, yet again obomber will do NOTHING for the People!


It would be great if Obama would nothing for the people in the next 6 months. Unfortunately for us he's going to do lots of stuff 'to'
us instead.
Like pass the TPP.


I oppose this pipeline and another one the Trans Pecos Pipeline, near Alpine and Marfa, Texas. They are both run by Energy Transfer Partners. I stand with the Standing Rock Sioux first nation, and all their families. They are protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline, which would ruin their drinking water, with oil pipelines going below the Missouri River. Today, the Army Corps of Engineers admitted the permit was not complete, and not complete; more deception and lies by Energy Transfer Partners, and their local subsidiary. We can support the Sioux, and Cherokee Nation and about 80-90 other tribes, by googling Indigenous Environmental Network.org, and Silver camp ?sp? , Earth Justice helped file the lawsuit in DC District Court.