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Pipelines Are Awesome!


Pipelines Are Awesome!

Abby Zimet

In the name of getting 'em young and never mind the carnage, Ohio's oil and gas industry has created its own "education" program to teach kids the energy industry is groovy - aka "promotion of a positive public awareness" - partnering with Radio Disney to travel to schools, museums and county fairs with a fun inter-active show featuring games, prizes and contests like pipeline-building competitions to see "how we get oil and gas to your home." "Cheer these guys on like crazy!" urges the MC, who fails to mention the fracking-related environmental hazards or the 167 drilling-related earthquakes that hit Ohio this year. The outreach program is inexplicably called, straight-faced, "Rocking In Ohio." It never mentions the word fracking.

"We want kids to get excited about science. We would love to see young scientists pursing careers in the energy industry.” - OOGEEP spokesperson