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'Pipelines Leak': Expert Finds Government Downplayed DAPL Impact on Tribe and Water


'Pipelines Leak': Expert Finds Government Downplayed DAPL Impact on Tribe and Water

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

An independent pipeline expert has concluded that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' environmental assessment (EA) of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) is insufficient and fails to account for the impact on tribal members, prompting the Standing Rock Sioux to demand that the federal agency "revisit" its approval of the controversial project.


You forget. In a fascist nation, spills, health, contamination of water, land, or anything else is of no importance, as long as the profits keep rolling in.
* They have bought lots of police, thugs, and politicians to see that the profits keep rolling in, over bodies or crippled people, destroyed homes and camps, blighted crops, if necessary.
* The People are now given what they think is a choice between two Nazis who worship war and the profits thereby. They are to choose which one they think might be a little less dastardly and choose him/her to rule us for the next four to eight years. The lesser of two evils is still evil! That is the choice given to us every four years and the result is a continuing slide into the abyss.
* A possible cure is the one candidate who has no evil, who believes in We the People and wants to work with us to make a better, more peaceful, healthy world.
* My vote is for Jill Stein, Green, 2016 and beyond!


This is a really damning report on the Army Corps of Engineers shoddy job in initially approving the easements. Kudos to Mr. Kuprewicz for using his expertise to detail the deficiencies and giving the Standing Rock Sioux a firm footing in their legal case.


Let's see to it that this pipeline is not built anywhere and that the oil stays in the ground.


At the massacre that was Wounded Knee where hundreds of Sioux killed including women and children , some 20 Congressional Medals of Honor were awarded to Soldiers that participated.

That is all one needs to understand when trying to come to grips as to why this pipeline too dangerous to put above the City of Bismark, but perfectly fine above the reservation of the Sioux.

The First Nations people are expendable and in fact are not seen as people.


Writers who discuss pipelines should learn a few terms from non writers:

1) Spills are usually associated with children spilling milk at the table etc.

2) Leaks usually drip gradually and are not a big problem.

3) Breaks and blowouts are when lots of stuff comes out of a pipe.


"why isn't the pipeline safe enough to cross the river north of Bismarck, as originally proposed?"

The answer to that is easy. The pipeline is not safe where white people live, but plenty safe for those with darker skin. Dalrymple wakes up every day, bends over before the mirror and, looking between his legs, says "Thank God I have a lily-white ass. And you Sioux can just kiss it." One wonders how he can make that observation with his head so far up that ass that he can see what he had for breakfast.


Okay. I have a proposal. If this pipeline is as safe as the rich filth claim, why don't they put their money where their mouth is. Perhaps it should be allowed to be constructed but only if Dakota Access Pipeline CEO Kelcey Warren puts his entire personal worth up as insurance that it will NEVER leak. Then, in the event that it does he will personally pay for all damage and restoration of the natural resources back to the way they were before the pipeline was built with his own personal money. If he does agree to such a settlement then a lien in the name of the Standing Rock Lakota Sioux should be filed and duly recorded that attaches every last penny he, his family, and his future heirs (including children and grandchildren) owns up to the point of the failure of said pipeline. If that isn't sufficient to repair the damages causes by HIS pipeline then his children and grandchildren and so on will be financially responsible for his mistake until it is properly rectified. I just wonder how secure he would think the pipeline to be if his entire personal fortune and family future were to be wagered against it. Personally I wouldn't make that wager but then again what do I know? I'm not a rich investor in pipelines, the only thing I've ever had to do with them is in the engineering and construction phase while working for a major pipeline engineering company in Houston.


It is not the first time our dearly beloved Army Corps of Engineers has made a HUGE error in "judging" the fitness of a plan or the layout of the engineering they're about to perform. Has everyone forgotten the decisions to almost wipe out the wetlands between the Ocean and Louisiana, or the lack of intelligence in how the Missouri River flood zone was managed?


Beautiful aussidawg. Well said. Brilliant idea. The rich filth would never do it, but I sure like the totally appropriate recommendation.


All of us who are not rich are seen as expendable. I can't understand this disease affecting so many who see money as a more pressing need than the environment upon which all of us depend. It is the wealthy who do the most damage with their outrageous consumption, and yet we as a people seem to admire them as "successful." Then we blame the poorest, who have been systematically and deliberately excluded from achieving financial stability, using their skin color and addresses as our excuse. I can't help but conclude that our species is beyond redemption, despite the many who are conscious. More appear to be mentally ill or apathetic or too ignorant to grasp this self-destructive path we are on.


While I support your view of our two candidates--if perhaps stated a little less radically (I'd go with fascism and get rid of the Nazis reference since it's a huge turnoff for too many, who won't hear anything else you have to say)--I do question your support of Ms. Stein since she apparently says things that her actions don't match. I'm referring to her investments in the very industries she condemns: http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2016/10/26/jill-stein-s-ideology-says-one-thing-her-investment-portfolio-says-another.html

How hard is she going to go after the industries in which she has money tied up? I think our only real choice is to wait for a true Progressive next time around and hold our noses and do the least amount of damage by going with Hillary for now. This election has made it painfully obvious that our nation needs four political parties: one for the Trump/Tea Party supporters among the Republicans, one for the rest of the GOP, one for the Hillary wing of the Democratic Party and one for the Bernie/Warren faction of the DNC. Elections would really become interesting as the four parties would have to compromise with their respective "partners" to get into office, and be held accountable for what they promise for a change since they would have something to lose--the support of the "soft opposition" the next time around.


A theory I have that would explain what you say you don't understand is that none of our characteristics as human beings are a black-or-white proposition. Rather, they are all on lines of continuum, including the line that has total, unqualified compassion for our fellow humans on one infinite end and has a total psychopathic disorder at the other end.* The disease you refer to is evident in the people who are on the right side, towards the psychopathic personality disorder. So really, it isn't their fault, they were born with a genetic disorder that benefits them since it allows them to accumulate massive amounts of the world's riches for their personal use and they never see the injustices that allows that to happen.

*(as defined by the FBI--how ironic is that?) a sense of entitlement, unremorseful, apathetic to others, unconscionable, blameful of others, manipulative and conning, affectively cold, disparate understanding of behavior and socially acceptable behavior, disregardful of social obligations, nonconforming to social norms, irresponsible.


I agree it may not be any individual's fault, and that is why i despair for the species. Perhaps, in this way, biology is destiny and our biological destiny is to self-destruct. We are clever but not wise, and with the "nurture"half of the nature/nurture debate so compromised for so many billions in the world who have never known security, how will we overcome our damaged emotional equipment and outnumber the sociopaths, apathetic and ignorant? We are all merely "collateral damage" to the profiteers and those mad for power over others.


Well, if you think it will make a difference, I'll hold my nose and change Nazis to fascists, but the US Fourth Reich is following German history too closely. The Red Queen is really pushing for actions that will sooner or later end (and I do mean end) in a nuclear war. Both are sociopathic and can only see what will be of benefit to them, tomorrow if not today.
* I'll stay with Stein because even if not perfect, she is way ahead of the duopoly in caring and working for peace and a better world for all. She wants to work with We the People to make changes to benefit all of us.
* To the duopoly, our only value is as serfs and cannon fodder. The Red queen isn't going to change that, except to widen the wars.
So, rather than not voting, I will stay with Jill Stein, Green, 2016 and beyond. If she were to win and turn out to be another Øbama, then I think I would give up all hope, but no way could I ever support the Red Queen or her nutty buddy "adversary."


I totally agree with you on the parallels between Trump's rise and that of Hitler. Anyone who studies history will have noticed this, too. However, as you're well-aware, the average American can be one very ignorant individual.

I also agree that the two leading candidates are members of the same club (as well as Obama). But I do think Trump is a lot worse and the nation would do a lot worse under his leadership. What really has me concerned these days is what's going on behind the scenes, because as ignorant as I think a lot of Americans are, I don't think there's a majority of Trump supporters among us, but I do worry that we could be in the middle of a Right-wing takeover as evidenced by what's going on in the FBI. I could see an attempt to rob the election in favor of Trump and using the recent leaks as a justification, saying that enough Americans were disgusted with Hillary and opted to vote for the Orange One when in reality the results were manipulated somehow.

Still, I can see where you would support Stein. I'm a Bernie supporter and am confident that one day we will have Warren as a candidate.


"The review, commissioned by the tribe, found that the Army Corps' EA "understates the risk of pipeline failure and related oil release from this pipeline impacting Lake Oahe and the Missouri River," "

I think a criminal investigation is called for. There's a word for the seamless, corrupt collusion between corporations and government against the people: FASCISM.