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'Pitchforks and Flaming Torches, Anyone?': Owner of Shuttered Philadelphia Hospital Stands to See Windfall in Tax Breaks From Stimulus Package

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/04/01/pitchforks-and-flaming-torches-anyone-owner-shuttered-philadelphia-hospital-stands-0

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eminent domain. nationalize the hospitals


I was about to say the same thing.

It interesting that when it comes to some poor farmer whose land lies where Big Oil wants to build a pipeline, eminent domain exercised readily.

When it some rich guy then it becomes “Property rights are protected by the Constitution”

They should seize the place and pay him a dollar which is 10 times what Freedman is worth.


Sorry to say this my dear, but right as you are, shunning and shaming has no effect on socio or psycho paths! Look at Skrelli or however you spell his pus pus-filled name. Even when found guilty and sentenced he still smirked at his fellow citizens. These people have only one Achilles heel—their blood covered bucks. Time we took it all back since they stole it from us to begin with. Eminent domain, nationalizing the banks (but not credit unions) taxing transactions on Wall Street, etc —kill them with a thousand cuts to their money stream. THEN put ‘em in maximum security prisons for 20 years. Let em clean toilets without a brush.


Where is Dexter Morgan when you really need him?


I’m about ready to channel him!!!


And if they refuse we do what the squatters did in Manhattan did when I lived there: Break in and take over. The surrounding community will need to support these defient squatters–this is an emergency and capitalists kill.


BC Hydro here in British Columbia is a crown owned utility that provides electricity to the province. They announced today that rates will be cut and that any resident of BC that has lost their job will receive a 3 month credit on their utility bills. This will not be a loan. The money does not have to be paid back.

The shareholders of this utility are the people of British Columbia . This post made just to demonstrate how Public ownership of utilities can be used in times of crisis such as this.


Poetic justice would see this Freedman asshole catching COVID-19 and dying by slowly choking to death in a chair while waiting in the ER for a room to become available. Unfortunately, the way things exist currently in our wealth adoring society the prick would see some poor guy kicked out of his bed so he could live to kill again.


Naw…he is too well-recognized by the hospital community he pillaged. He best stay away from hospitals for his health, with all that wealth-care he amassed. He thinks he’s invulnerable, soon to be shocked out of his illusions, in the street, like a poor possum critter taking an unexpected asphalt nap.




This should be done to both the hospital and Joel’s mansion.

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If he does go to a hospital I’ll bet first injection he gets is succynocholine…

I see that when intubating patients with respiratory distress, US doctors routinely use 1 mg/kg succinylcholine, which is 3-4 times the dosage required and often leads to complications of respiratory shutdown. Not to mention Gizmodo’s recent coverage of this toxic rsi [rapid sequence intubation] drug.

Well, as it is said…oooops!

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Absolutely! And the pitchforks in the streets will speed up the process.

Canada has always been an example for the world (remember it when it was a refuge for draftee’s escaping the Vietnam war?).

Our plutocracy is a shining beacon for freedom only in our wildest imagination. It derives from the propaganda force fed to our youth from their earliest school days. The empire is crumbling!