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Pittance for People as #TrumpTaxScam Permanently Cuts Corporate Tax by 50%


Pittance for People as #TrumpTaxScam Permanently Cuts Corporate Tax by 50%

Jon Queally, staff writer

Decried as a "hot mess" by critics, the GOP tax plan released Thursday tax will "deposit a trillion and a half dollars into the bank accounts of the richest people in the country and then hands the bill to the middle class."


What was that thing about taxation without representation? It’s long past time for another revolution in the USA. The oligarchs and their political puppets need to go now to a hell hole jail cell and have all their wealth confiscated. Massive general strikes and boycotts are needed. Nothing else will work.


Yup. Revolution is the only way.


I also wholeheartedly agree that they deserve “special treatment.”


This is where Trump shows us his true agenda. He wants a government of the corporations, by the corporations and for the corporations. Just as he wants a government of the rich, by the rich and for the rich. And I keep looking at Trump as the poster boy for this take over of our government and see someone that was worth $3.5 billion last year but through all of his tax tricks ended up paying NO income taxes as all. His favorite strategy is offshore shell companies. That’s why his name appears in the Panama Papers over 3,500 times. He is a role model tax evader serving as president of the United States, and that isn’t just bad. That’s nauseating.


This is the greatest tax hoax since Reagan and Clinton. Reagan with trickle down. Give corporations big tax cuts and they will come home? Why? Cause foreign countries are stupid and won’t offer corporations with American names more incentive? We will see a sugar high like the Reagan magic then all hell will break loose. My 401 went from 94,000 to 26,000. Thank you Ronnie. Let’s not forget the Clinton magic of Gram Leach Bliley and the casino banks. Somehow we will be able to compete with China’s Foxconn and their 357.00 dollar a month salaries for 12 hour days 7 days a week? And Foxconn is coming to Wisconsin, because Wisconsin, in its genius, is giving Foxconn 3 billion with a “b” as an incentive. When that runs out they will be like Lowe’s Move. At least I shop at Home Depot. We are being had by some of the slickest carpet baggers in the business of running our country. We get what we deserve, we elected these buggers. Where is Trump? In China.


By now the immorality of fascism should be clearly visible to everyone. This is not gonna go away by itself. Rise…


Yes it seems like America needs some kind of non-violent revolution because America has been and is a rogue nation; an Empire that is not a democracy, but a plutocratic, corporate, totalitarian, country backed by a mercenary, military dictatorship.



I agree with you. While general strikes and boycotts are the only thing left, it will never happen in the USA for the reason you stated. So much for common sense among the citizens in the USA. There is none.


This will continue to get worse until there is nothing left for the general public. Anyone believing in the trickle down theory is either inherently wealthy, completely naïve or asleep for the last 40-50 years. General public unity of all backgrounds to peacefully protest with massive national strikes (the way the effectively do in France), buying only made- in- USA products, and closing our wallets to anything that is harmful to our well being -such as companies that only pay their employees minimum wage- is good for starters. We need to learn something from Mahatma Gandhi.


Oh my God!!
If we don’t stop the bastards, our corporate tax rate could fall as low as scumbag countries like Germany (15.5%), France(11.2%) or, God help us all, Canada (8.5%)!!

It’s time for warfare in the streets!!!


Thanks for your reply; but I would love it if we are both wrong!


" We need to learn something from Mahatma Gandhi."

I agree. And imagine how prescient Gandhi was when he wrote this in the 1940’s:
" America is the most industrialized country in the world and yet it has not banished poverty and degradation. That was because it neglected the universal man-power and concentrated power in the hands of the few who amassed fortunes at the expense of the many. THE RESULT IS THAT ITS INDUSTRIALIZATION HAS BECOME A MENACE TO ITS OWN POOR AND THE REST OF THE WORLD."


Q.: “Mr. Gandhi, what do you think of Western civilization?”

A.: “I think it would be a good idea!”


We all know what happens to little pigs that turn into fat hogs!


While US corporations have relatively high tax rates compared with the rest of the world when all the tax loopholes are included these corporations pay some of the lowest taxes in the world. And yet they still set up off shore entities to avoid taxes. I think unless they are paying $0 in taxes they are not satisfied. Trump himself apparently has been paying $0 in federal taxes for many years through real estate depreciation maneuvers that push the limit on what is legal. But he continues to hide is tax returns so we are not sure what is doing about avoiding taxes just are we aren’t sure his investments in Russia and other countries. And he continues to avoid impeachment because Republicans do not want to lose their next election as they need the many Republican voters who support fascism, white supremacy, and in many cases theocracy.


Well- when will that start? Let me know. A lot of people are on auto pilot now, and are just surviving. I agree though- massive strikes and boycotts. Start or continue to not do business with big box stores.


Call or write your member of congress. If possible get others to join you.


Some of us have been closing our wallets for quite awhile. Let’s set a date and do this enmasse . How about starting with Saturday?


What about conflict of interest in our constitution? How about if more of us stand up and demand impeachment?