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Pitting 'Kids Against Dreamers,' GOP Exploiting CHIP Funds to Trap Dems on Spending Bill


Pitting 'Kids Against Dreamers,' GOP Exploiting CHIP Funds to Trap Dems on Spending Bill

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"It's unconscionable that Republicans delayed CHIP for months to use kids as a bargaining chip to entice Democrats to sell out Dreamers."


So sick of the corruption and politicians not working for the people only their parties, power and the rich. All this posturing when peoples lifes are at rick.

Where is lamestreet media in all that? I can answer that, Lala land of 1% watching out for their own interest and their billionaire buddies.

March on media centers in NYC, DC and your cities. Make demands that media ownership be broken up by Sherman Anti Trust laws that haven’t been enforced since Reagan so it is not a dem against repubs it is a duopoly.


Republicans think Democrats are weaklings while they will kill all living things without concern. That is their power. They love to use terror as part of their actions. Americans are now all walking PTSD being threatened daily by these criminals. Time to make the snakes go back in their holes.


Shutting down the US government? Isn’t that what the ‘enemies of the state’ want? Who are these traitors? Why are they allowed to get away with such bad behaviour?


It’s pretty Clear when they Sacrifice the Children.

Course We been Doing this to the War Children for Decades.


Fascism knows no morals. Fascism knows no mercy…


Republicans don’t think Democrats are weaklings.

They know that Democrats are the kabuki show that stands in for an actual counter balance to corporate power.

Now the Dems are running the risk of being so impotent that they have no role to play at all.

Which is good, because that’s when we replace their sorry asses.


If we’re going to put the Mexicans in jail, we’re going to have to put the white boys in jail. This white-on-white crime is getting out of hand. And if we’re going to put the white boys in jail, we’re going to have to put the finance majors in jail. The BIG one is coming and we already know who’s responsible!


Republicans would murder the world for a buck. They are the party of psychopaths, and represent the biggest terrorist threat to our way of life in the history of this country. Now they hold the lives of our children hostage, CHILDREN!!! There really is no bottom for this morally repugnant collection of domestic terrorists. They have their murderous sights aimed at 99% of us, all for the benefit of a few obscenely wealthy individuals. Their ultimate demise will be celebrated around the world (except for the 25% of US citizens who are so irretrievably stupid that they would complain because their line into the gas chamber has slowed down).


Agree with what you say about MSM and their complicity with the u.s. oligarchy and trumpism.

I am no fan of CNN but check this out (1:35 of video):

All very alarming and obvious signs that point to fascism. The language used by that repulsive being that goes by the name of Sarah Sanders drives home the point today when she told the press at the start of a “press conference” to “behave themselves”.


Hey, I didn’t say anything about saving the whales either. I must really hate those fuckin’ whales by whatever of your thought processes that masquerades as logic. Whatever the democrats are does not detract from what I said. God save us from ideological purists!


With that remark Sanders Huckabee implies censorship even before anybody said a word…


Nope. Time to cut the heads off all of these snakes, Lillith.

My daddy taught me that when a snake gets too close to humans, you cut it’s head off.


Because 95% of the voting electorate supports the parties of the Duopoly.

That’s why.


I couldn’t help but notice the photo that goes with this article of Paul Ryan, every lobbyists pet ferret in congress. Actually more like a lobbyist/ corporate prostitute. No one out performs this ferret when it comes to bribe money.


Step 1: Stop voting for the LOTE. Have the courage and imagination to accept short term agony in exchange for long term success.

Step 2: Look for leaders willing to normalize policy that pragmatists misrepresent as unicorns. For example, the public favors single-payer by decent margins, so let’s normalize single-payer as achievable, instead of thinking “never, ever” Hillary is the best we can do.


Yet many D-party diehards around here would sing her virtues if she ran in 2020.

For chrissakes, they’re currently singing the praises of Zuckerberg, Oprah and Uncle Joe Biden.

Apparently, corporatism is the zombie-curse that Dems refuse to shake off. So fuck em.’


Scary times, most people don’t believe it could happen here. live in lala land


Equally nauseating is Kevin McCarthy who was once being considered for speaker of the house until it was realized that the dope could not string a sentence together and was worse than Palin plus completely devoid of feelings.


In the meantime let us work for changes at the bottom. A list of 100 black women running for office in 2018