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Pity the Kurds

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/21/pity-kurds


It’s numbing to read of this base cruelty and depravity. It seems incredible, but it’s a first-hand account from a reporter/writer who I’ve come to respect.

The Kurds’ suffering is a lamentation in sorrow, and there doesn’t appear to be a hopeful resolution to improve their lives. Perhaps exposure in news reports such as this will have some good effect.

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Hi Billin Dubuque:

I think all war gets to this awful level and just stays there. I read that General Washington was angry at some soldiers and he made their fellow soldiers shoot them. It seems all nations are the same in this-----just a lot of anger----but no Truth. : (

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A potent eye witness account of the horrors of war and evil by a truth speaker who risked his own life as a war correspondent. Thank you Chris. There are so many and so much to pity these days and then.


I absolutely pity the Kurds. I admired much of what they accomplished in governing Rojava.

But even though they form a single “ethnic” group, they are far from a unified bloc.
And there is no way to pressure four-five separate countries to give them land – not that the US would.
I heard a doctor in Rojava say they’ll stay and fight the Turks – for their own sake, they should not.