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'Pivotal' Time for ExxonMobil as Massachusetts Sues Oil Giant Over Climate Crisis Deception

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/10/25/pivotal-time-exxonmobil-massachusetts-sues-oil-giant-over-climate-crisis-deception

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Exxon will undoubtedly argue that there is no certain method for quantifying damages caused by GHG emissions. Anyone care to chime in with a viable way to do that?

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I’ve seen Exxon walk away from its messes before (an undisclosed spill of some 6-8000 gallons from a gas station, which caused a cluster of Wilms’ tumor in a six-block neighborhood near my old high school), and have little doubt it’ll find a court somewhere that’s sympathetic to its troubles. Where’s a corporate death penalty when you need one?


All of our states should be suing them – in fact, every other nation should
also be suing them for the damage to the environment/Global Warming.

And they spent $50 BILLION over 50 years on their lying propaganda – with
the help of the NY Times – to hide the truth of Global Warming from the public.*

NY Times allowed ExxonMobil for decades to run “ad-editorials” on their OP-ED
page every day –

And those “ad-editorials” could not be responded to, criticized or challenged in
print in the NY Times by Letters to the Editor or any other means because …
they were considered advertisements by the NY Times.

NY Times protecting the “Establishment” and its ownership over our natural resources.
We need to NATIONALIZE our natural resources.

MIC uses 80% of the oil –

  • Any doubt that we all paid for that lying propaganda by Exxon in increased prices at
    the gas pumps?

Here we go again with the bul@ls*it make them pay a fine. No more fines. March these evil Mot#erf&ckers to a super max prison. This was the work of Eric Holder in 2008. No matter how heinous the crime they just need to pay us money and they get off scot free. These idiots have admitted their crimes in emails. No matter that GM killed people in cars they knew were unsafe. Drug companies admitting that they were lying about how addictive opioids were. Boing killing people because the software was defective on their new planes. The Obama admin put this paying a fine crap in to practice on steroids.

Bernie 2020


As with cigarettes, fossil fuels when used as directed cause harm and death.
The fossil fuel corporations have known about this for years and have lied about it, just like the tobacco industry lied.
Problem is, the entire world economy and grid is based on petroleum and other fossil resources, and unless we dismantle the technoindustrial grid, there’s no way to substitute any “clean” energy or materials to take the place of petroleum materials and fossil fuels.
We’ve built ourselves into an ecocidal trap, with billions too many people whose lives are only possible due to an earth-killing infrastructure.

Shelby – So true - and they’re at it with Facebook – think they had a $500 million fine –
and are being looked at by USHR for their efforts to create a currency/payment system
called – can’t recall the name at the moment – help!

Tried to check for the name – but seem to be ads out there already to use the system
and can’t quickly get thru them.

And it has a very short/memorable name!!

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Libra, if I recall correctly.

To put a poisoned cherry on top of the sewage sundae, those fines are mostly tax-deductible as “ordinary and necessary business expenses.”

What kind of statement about the nature of capitalism does THAT make??


Another damn loophole that must go away. Tax deductible fines? Congress takes us for fools.

Hi Guild –

Yes – LIBRA – thank you!

There’s also another name with maybe “Cal” before it?

And I listened to the responses but have no idea how this works or what
it means - the threat of a new currency?

“Like the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries, the fossil fuel industry must face the consequences of decades of science distortion and deceptive marketing,” (article)

And yet the truth hides in plain sight. Sea level rise is the most accurate and comprehensive measure of global heating, but glacier melt is easier to see and experience.

Greta Thundberg was on the Athabasca Glacier on the Icefields Parkway between Banff and Jasper the other day, in a windstorm described as a blizzard, with a scientist and ecologist.

The glacier lost six meters of thickness this year, a new record. I was on this glacier just three years ago with a climbing partner, and we encountered a science team doing the type of measurements that reveal this glacial thinning. They had drilled holes in many spots on the glacier, and inserted four meter rods into them with just the tops showing at the beginning of the melt season. By the time we were there and met them, the poles had all fallen on their sides - i.e., the glacier had down-wasted more than four meters.

This new measurement of six meters - that’s astounding ! That’s in ONE year ~

Glad to see Greta getting a first hand look for herself - science reports are nice but not visceral, like actually standing on a moving glacier and recognizing that in one summer it has downwasted over twenty feet - right below your feet !!!
Climate change activist Greta Thunberg visits Athabasca Glacier on way to Vancouver