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Pivoting Further Right on AHCA, Trump Says He Will Bully Dems with 'Stadiums' of Supporters


Pivoting Further Right on AHCA, Trump Says He Will Bully Dems with 'Stadiums' of Supporters

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

President Donald Trump was in full deal-maker mode on Wednesday as he met with Tea Party groups to garner support for the GOP's contentious American Healthcare Act (AHCA), pledging even more concessions to win over conservatives to threatening the bill's opponents with "stadiums" filled with Trump supporters, and even laying out his back-up plan to blame the Democrats in the case of failure.


Forget the swamp--these folks are from Hades! Now, faced with two choices on healthcare as in politics, always choose the third: Single-Payer Healthcare--NOW!


It is NOT named the ACHA. www.congress.gov shows that the repubs named it H.R.1275- World's Greatest Healthcare Plan of 2017.

They named it, let them OWN it.

...maybe they should've said World's Super Duper Hugly Bigly Greatest Healthcare Plan of 2017.


Kind of reminds me of FDR as he did not hold back his fury against the robber barons and the dems forgot how that won the day. Now the President and Repubicans are using those tactics.

I blame the complacent dems and neoliberals or whatever they call the Clinton dems. Get so tired of all these labels, it is hard to keep track.


Unlike FDR, Trump and the GOP mobilize paid attendees for their events.

Starting with all the paid attendees at Trump's June 2015 campaign roll out, Trump and the GOP have a data base of paid "supporters" they can mobilize to fill stadiums on short notice.

During the first half of the 20th century 10% of US votes were cast for socialist or communist candidates, giving FDR and Congress cover to enact populist legislation to keep the US from going commie. With 98% of US votes being cast for corporate Democrats and corporate Republicans in the 21st century, politicians have no incentive to do anything populist and every incentive to destroy what little remains of the New Deal and LBJ's populist programs.


Great. So we have politically clueless geriatrics already on Medicare to fill the stadiums and cheer!


Will the tea party attendees dust off their Obama era KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY MEDICARE signs and show up at these stadiums to remind Trump and the GOP that Trumpcare defunds Medicare to the tune of $346 billion ?


Trump is going to Bully his way right into Hell.

Let's all pray he doesn't drag us down there with him.


OK, we can do our best to stop Trump and the republicans from taking healthcare away from 10 million poor people or so, or we can say to hell with poor people, and say we want healthcare for all, take it or leave it. All I'm saying is that we really want to make sure we're not going to kill a lot of poor folk by standing on our principles (poor folks bodies instead of soapbox?).


Recall the Raygun era mantra, "GET RICH OR GET OFF" ?

Brand Raygun is stronger today among Democrats and Republicans than it was when he was sleeping through his two POTUS terms.

We are now in stage 4 of the Raygun Revolution.


That is a blame the Democrats will gladly accept.


I don't think FDR ever held mass rallies like this. The only leader I recall doing such a thing was Adolf Hitler - on his huge Nazi Party Rally Grounds outside of Nurmburg.


If they're geriatric maybe they'll just keep clearing their throats and asking "what did he say?"


"I think it was 'Blessed are all the cheesemakers.' "


Trump-Ryancare stinks. The repubs know it, even those who will vote for it. If it fails go ahead and blame the Dems, but the repubs who vote against it will kill it.

Let the crowds show up. Expise the freakish third of Americans who still support this clown. Remember, they are not even close to a majority.


Trump is willing to move further right--his base demands it.

Take this to the bank: the Democrats will follow him rightward--their base be damned.


And the GOP just giddily voted with relish for allocating $578 BILLION to the defense budget to last them until September (WTF?) with another $30 BILLION to come thereafter. More arms to save lives, I suppose while potentially sending 20 million Americans to their graves by yanking their health care. Bastards.


The stadiums will be filled with cardboard renderings of cheering fans with a few rows of real people at the front accompanied by canned/recorded audience cheering played to emphasize the LIES spewing forth from the emperor's pie hole. No disabled, non-white, ethnic people will be admitted unless they are sporting swastikas and red hats.


I would venture to say that less than a quarter are his true diehards. It's amazing that we have evolved into a minority controlled country. Their time is certainly coming to an end, and they intend to take as many people down with them as they can.


I would add hopelessly ignorant to the adjectives.