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Pivoting Off NY Bombing, Trump Doubles Down on Hate, Fear, and Muslim Ban


Pivoting Off NY Bombing, Trump Doubles Down on Hate, Fear, and Muslim Ban

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Monday pivoted off the weekend bombing in Manhattan to double down on his call for racial and religious profiling, utilizing the moment to call for the U.S. to close its borders to the tens of thousands of Syrian refugees fleeing war at home.


I agree with religious profiling. Reminds me of the Spanish Inquisition. Good times!


We do not need racial and religious profiling; but we desperately need…fascist profiling!


Wow, that article was sick and twisted. Instead of getting a troubled young man the help he needed they turned him into a vehicle to continue this farce. There will ALWAYS be acts of terrorism until man evolves enough to respect life and the differences of his fellow man. So this is a continual funding source for the dredges that occupy the CIA and FBI.


The only difference between Clinton and Trump is that Clinton is providing the arms and Trump is urging them to use them. Think how scared and noneffective the masses will be if they are afraid of a bus bomb, mall bomb, dumpster bomb, etc. at every corner. This is all nauseating.
Going Green!!!


The campaign slogan that fits the Trump hate campaign goes back to ancient Roman times: ODERINT DUM MUTANT: LET THEM HATE PROVIDED THEY FEAR!


Hello flowerchild44,

It is twisted. The New York Times had an article entitled “Terrorist Plots, Hatched by the F.B.I.” that touched on just a few of the “plots” created by the agency designed to show why all of us need the FBI to keep us safe.


It’s about maintaining the funding. The FBI will do anything and use anyone to keep the money flowing.



Yes, no different than its big brother’s racket that has to have enemies to maintain its funding of the war racket, the F.B.I. plays the same game.


Trump must be stopped. Everyone left of Marco Rubio should understand that. Perhaps the most frustrating thing is all the young people who supported Bernie that now plan to vote for Gary Johnson. They can’t possibly know what the Libertarian Party stands for. Paul Krugman described what they stand for in an op-ed today in the NY Times.

Regarding the Libertarian Party platform Krugman says

“…it calls for abolition of the income tax and the privatization of almost everything the government does, including education. “We would restore authority to parents to determine the education of their children, without interference from government.” And if parents don’t want their children educated, or want them indoctrinated in a cult, or put them to work in a sweatshop instead of learning to read? Not our problem. What really struck me, however, was what the platform says about the environment. It opposes any kind of regulation; instead, it argues that we can rely on the courts. Is a giant corporation poisoning the air you breathe or the water you drink? Just sue: “Where damages can be proven and quantified in a court of law, restitution to the injured parties must be required.” Ordinary citizens against teams of high-priced corporate lawyers — what could go wrong?”


Hey - those enemies of The Homeland ™ aren’t going to create themselves, Andrew. Not enough of them, anyway, to justify a surveillance state, unending war of terror, and so on.


Hello Lrx,

Are you quoting the same Paul Krugman whose economic theories not only failed to predict the housing bubble and bust but helped create and fuel it? The one whose “solutions” included taxpayer funded bail outs to the very same financial institutions which gamed the housing market and profited from it before the bust?
Remember, Lex, that this is the same Krugman that wrote an alien invasion would be good for the economy.

Honestly, if I want to know anything about the Libertarian Party platform I’ll research it for myself, which is probably what many of the “young people who supported Bernie” did for themselves as well. Unlike you, I don’t think they’re a bunch of useful idiots that need to be herded with fear tactics or misinformation.


I had been hoping against hope that Trump might have a few redeeming qualities, but this hate-baiting and his VP candidate’s recent revelation that Dick Cheney is his hero…


Trumps economics are about as “libertarian” as the libertarians. He answers every domestic economic, environmental and social issue with “let free markets sort it out”.


There was no “taxpayer funding” involved. The government bought up the distressed assets of the banks, and when their value recovered, sold them back off at a profit.


So do all Libertarians including Johnson and Weld. Libertarians are nutz.


Trump is a symptom, but our foreign policy is the disease. A foreign policy conducted by the Democrats the last 8 years. Especially a Democrat named Hillary.


They caught Ahmad Abdula Petula within 36 hours of this event. They knew who he was within 24 hours.
We sure have some really smart flat feet in our employ. That or they’ve been tracking this goofball for sometime now.
The NSA has all of us in its sights.

Within 2 minutes of the bombing Trump tweeted, “Be afraid, be very afraid…and vote for me 'cause I have a plan. Believe me.”

Hillary chimed in with some nonsense about having the “resolve” to kill every terrorist on earth at any time and in any place.

What a couple of political hacks being egged on by a corporate media that is a disgarce.


“We have to hit them much harder over there.”

If the point is to stop terrorism, why not stop the bombing that causes it?

How come there is no international terrorism in the countries that don’t invade other countries?


I wonder what Tyrannosaurus Rump would say if they catch the bomb maker and he/she turns out to be a T-Rump supporter?

Tyrannosaurus Rump
Yuuge Mouth, Yuuge Ego, Yuuge A$$, Yuuge Delusions,
Tiny Brain, Tiny … Whatever!