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Placing Their Bets Early, DC Lobbyists Put Biggest Money on Clinton


Placing Their Bets Early, DC Lobbyists Put Biggest Money on Clinton

Jon Queally, staff writer

Though the presidential election is more than 14 months away and competitive primary races for both major parties are in full swing, lobbying firms in Washington, DC and the people who work for them are so far placing their political bets on the establishment campaign of Democrat Hillary Clinton and to a slightly lesser degree Republican Jeb Bush.


And in the back rooms, she was every corporations darlin…


These facts need to be widely publicized among all the voters. I know Bernie Sanders refuses to say anything bad about his fellow Democratic candidates, but news like this needs the widest possible distribution. This just confirms that Hillary is a total tool of the 1%, and absolutely needs to be prevented from becoming President. And Biden isn’t any different either.


“Bernie Sanders has received a grand total of $420 from the K Street crowd.”

Silly Chicago Cub fans toss back home run balls hit by the opposition, Bernie, don’t give it back.


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Yes. during the 2006 mid-term campaigns on a hunch I dug around and found the percentages of large donations going to the candidates and the percentage increase to D and away from R. It was a profound switch and exposed the horse betting nature of our professional politics. They were betting on the mood of the electorate. Sensing the widespread disgust of Bush’s Administration and his supporting Congressional cast, those placing the bets financed the election of the Blue Dog Democrat Congress.

I did what I could to spread this info around, but you know what they say: when the race is between two Republicans, the Republican always wins.


The Only way Hillary or Jeb can win is through election fraud and corruption by the same group controlling this country for the last several decades. We have no election process and if Hillary or Jeb wins that will be proof positive. The Bushes funded Bill clinton’s presidency and they are one big group serving elite interest shamelessly at the expense of Americans who now live in a plutocracy,. Why CD even acts like these people are legit candidates shows much. We have kings now and they rule like sociopathic children.


In a nutshell she is not as good a con artist as her husband or Obama. That’s why some in high places are getting a bit worried about her, since the push to get her to the finish line quickly without too many debates and public appearances. Jeb, the other darling has also become somewhat worrisome since he is still pushing and blabbering about Iraq on a daily basis.

Just like theaters have understudies, and juries have alternet jurors the big guys must have others they can substitute should the 2 major darlings totally stumble. It is not Trump and Sanders.


I know politicians are cheap, but 1 mil doesn’t seem like much for this race or for money that is thrown around dc in general. Doesn’t prove a whole lot yet about the candidates, I think.


One telling point about this establishment hack is to look at the Top Ten List of the contributors to the Clinton and Sanders campaigns. Shillary’s is packed with Wall Street and corporate money and Sanders’ list is mostly unions! I will NEVER vote for Hillary. She is just more Business as Usual. Also, as I have said before, if this campaign winds up being an election between Clinton and Bush it will be deep evidence of just how bankrupt the American political system really is. Say NO! to these damn oligarchs!


FYI- It was the Deaniacs who organized a 50 state strategy in 2006 and won the Congressional majority. But , as usual, the DLC used Rahm Emanuel’s poster to discredit and steal the Deaniacs thunder and rightful claim on the party. Small potatoes, sure; but don’t portray it incorrectly, please. And, Al gore may be a lot of things you don’t care for, but he’s not Joe Biden. Small potatoes, sure; but don’t paint with such a broad brush, please. It appears that to denigrate the work of " progressives " here is pretty fair game, generally. But the cold hard facts are that those to the left of Bernie Sanders don’t have a relevant place to cast their votes. Go ahead, though, and denigrate and prove to that Iowa primary voter that you’re " a disgruntled old socialist " with nothing positive to say about the " realpolitik " taking place on the ground all around the country. Politics defined " is the art of the possible ". You’re broad bush painting shows you’re a barn painter and no artist. Savvy?


The lobbyists are really just water carriers. Money launderers and worse for the people who write our corrupt tax code. David Kay Johnston on Democracy Now pretty much calls Donald Trump an active organized crime member. Not shocking that he paid no taxes for many years, either. Ah yes, living the dream, aren’t we?


I was watching an episode of “Justified” and one of the characters said - “That was smoother than an apology by Bill Clinton”. Both Clintons are political animals who are in it for the power and the money that follows. Neither of them have the slightest core principles. Barry the Liar is similar. This is what it takes to get the support of the DLC and the DNC these days.
What we need to wait for is what these two groups will try to do to the Sanders campaign next year if he continues to represent a serious threat to their corporate/Wall Street agenda. Its bad enough that the Rethug operatives will go all out to discredit him but he may have Demo operatives doing the same. Sanders represents a growing populist movement that the oligarchs cannot abide and they will definitely defend their “interests”.


Bernie is the ONLY one that knows the REAL problems at least thats a start! GO BERNIE! GO!


Your comment seemed to be responding to …more than one post? Since I mentioned the 2006 mid-terms I’ll respond to that. I was an early and loyal Dean supporter of his own campaign. The coincidence of his DNP leadership during the 2006 election doesn’t negate the fact that the ownership society merely changed the color of the team jerseys they owned. I know what I saw here in my own House District. The sitting D Rep decided to run for governor and the D candidate that ran in his stead, Charlie Wilson, was financed by wealthy and corporate donors, and his one-term voting record was Blue Dog all the way. The donation pattern statistics I saw were national.

Concerning the rest of your comment: ?


HRC, the corporate whore.


Remember, Revolution is not in the K Street business model. They are BLIND to it. And they media is blind to everything but watching K Street. Something Something fiddle while something burns?


You mean not giving back a personal contribution? Would that change hearts and minds? Deviate from his inclusive campaign theme? Maybe we could revisit the fine line of what’s confrontational? I get the sentiment, but our words matter too.


The amount is so small I was making a joke about it, that’s all.


Ahh, sorry :smile: