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Plain Talk: If This Is Making America Great, We're In Trouble


Plain Talk: If This Is Making America Great, We're In Trouble

Dave Zweifel

The destruction of Donald Trump.

"But, aside from the tax cuts, the biggest danger facing the country because of Trump's supposed "accomplishments" is his assault on good-government regulation that protects not only our environment, but our financial system and American consumers." (Photo:James Rea/flickr/cc)


Trump’s goal to “Make America Great Again” was and always was meant to be, primarily for “Him.”

Con Job almost complete.


What is the writers point? He condemns Trump for his corporate tax cut, while never mentioning that Obama “brought back the economy” by bailing out the fucking Wall Street banks and then showered them with 60 billion dollars a month for eight freaking years…all of which debt was then shouldered on the backs of the people who did nothing wrong. Fuck I hate these little mealy bastards who create these false comparisons. Truth is both sides are systemically corrupt and we are merely victims to be fleeced.


Trump would indeed not have won the White House had Obama not been the best Republican he could be, enabling too-big-to-fail banks that controlled 25% of US bank assets to now control more than 50%, refrying the GOP’s corporate welfare program disguised as health care reform, creating his catfood commission to craft a grand bargain to cut earned benefits, making everything Occupy Wall Street (OWS) did illegal, etc.

Yes, Obama did preserve net neutrality, and environmental regulations, but only after he was assured that TPP and other corporate regulatory capture disguised as “trade deals” would eliminate them. Trump is now cutting to the chase on those issues, no “trade deals” required.

Obama’s only progressive actions were advancing LGBTQ rights, but only because Wall Street viewed them as enhancing and already vibrant profit center.


Ya know what’s going be fun to watch 5, 10 years down the road? It’s when Trump has been completely destroyed in EVERYONES eyes and people will be wondering exactly who supported this moron. I remember my father telling me about Germany just after the war ended that absolutely fucking no one was a supporter of Hitler. The same thing will happen with Trump, nobody will want to admit they supported him.


I voted for Obama in 2008 (NOT in 2012) believing all the bullshit about “hope & change”. After 1 year I referred to Obama as a black Bill Clinton. Only difference between the two’s policies was the different colors of their skin.


Patricia I mean no disrespect, but you seem to refer to some happy ending at the end of our long ordeal. I don’t share that optimistic view.


I made that same point during the election campaign. Just another instance of our masters telling us “heads we win, tails you lose.”


Not optimistic at all, being somewhat sarcastic. I believe this country is done and is a fascist state now. More than likely in 2020 a Democrat will be elected Prez and we won’t have all the hoopla and craziness this ass hole has bought us, but it will be the same ole Clinton, Obama, Carter, Kaine, Gildebrand, Mendendez Dem bullshit. Slow death by a thousand cuts instead of the outright meanness of Trump, Ryan, Sessions crowd.


Less govt control over what does not need to be controlled does not mean we’re in trouble, it means we’re improving.


But it has been years since Ronald Reagan was in office and the republican propaganda machine still reveres him as something more than a crook.


And if you have read anything about the Stalin years you will be happy to know that there are still people who revere Stalin. Also how about the people who have lost their homes to mudslides and rebuild their homes just the same as before. Yikes do humans have the capacity to learn from history.


So I’m guessing you don’t like clean air and water. Never mind those dam National Parks, what an eye sore. You must love paying more in taxes, and getting less in return. Paying more for health care, or not being able to afford it at all.
Hope you wake up one day.


So you’ve been contacting Jeff Sessions to register your disapproval of his control over state marijuana laws, right?

You’ve been contacting the President to register your disapproval of his control over who can migrate here, right?

You’ve been contacting Roy Moore to register your disapproval of his wanting to control women’s bodies, right?


More Libertarian tripe.

I’m certain that if a chemical company fouled your water well, you would just go, well, that’s “the free market” so I just have to go with it, right?

If a private corporation takes over your city’s water supply, and then in the quest for more profits in “the free market” they cut corners and you and your family get poisoned you will simply utter to yourself and exclaim to your kids, “look, that’s just the free market”.

If you go to the dentist, and he almost kills you because of malpractice, what would you, a good Libertarian do? Well of course, you won’t go to a lawyer who can address the situation via malpractice law buttressed by regulatory agencies regarding the practice of medicine. Oh no, you will simply come to the defense of the dentist by just letting it go. After all, you want that market to remain “free”, right?

Of all the right wing philosophy mucking up the world, Libertarianism has to be the most annoying of all.

Ayn Rand, if you are listening from the grave. You suck, okay?


To Occam and his ilk, National Parks are a scourge because they are not parceled out to 10,000 acre tracks for billionaires to live in. I mean, that’s what a “free market” would reflect!

The 1% could enjoy all of those spectacular views, and cordon off THEIR private lands so the little people wouldn’t muck up their quality time in the shadow of say, Half Dome.

They suck.


Even if a LOTE Dem is elected…or Dems are elected…assuming we’re still alive, it can’t be too much business as usual because first it would take generations to undo the damage done by these fascist cretins.


What is less government control about men telling me what I can and can’t do with my body or telling me whom I can and can’t marry?

Go away.


Yeah, ya gotta point there. Not only do they revere him. they think of him as some kind of fucking saint. That’s why a lot of liberal folks (me included) refer to him as st Ronnie.


Ayn Rand collected Social Security.