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Plain Talk: Trump's a Racist — Don't Tell Me Otherwise


Plain Talk: Trump's a Racist — Don't Tell Me Otherwise

Dave Zweifel

I have to admit I began loathing Donald Trump the day he accused Barack Obama of being born in Kenya, insinuating he wasn't an American citizen and really was a Muslim.

Here was one of the country's supposedly richest men, who commanded unlimited TV appearances, was the subject of numerous newspaper and magazine articles, and was "admired" for his flashy Playboy lifestyle, using that status to disparage a black man who happened to be the president.


Well-said! Thank you, Mr. Zweifel.


I have to admit I began loathing Donald Trump the day he accused Barack Obama of being born in Kenya, insinuating he wasn’t an American citizen and really was a Muslim.”

I think I see your problem. First, according to Obama’s birth certificate, his father was a British subject, and he, Obama Jr., has stipulated that he, too, was born a British subject by descent. The fact that Obama was born a foreign national is more than enough to question his presidential qualifications. True, this is not how our courts have looked at this issue, but it is a legitimate question of constitutional law, which has nothing to do with the color of one’s skin.

The same applies to Sen. Cruz; I might add. His father, like Obama’s, was not a US citizen at the time of Ted’s birth. Both Obama and Cruz are US citizens at birth as is their civil right. But they were not born U.S. citizens, as their natural right.


Trump and his daddy were known as racists for years, and even got sued by the dept of justice. Even though they had to pay a hefty fine back in the day, they claimed they had “won” the case. The apple does not fall from the tree.


Close David, but no cigar — you forgot to apply the adjective ‘rotten’ to both apple and tree.


I will bet that Trump does not see himself as racist! Because racism runs deep in American culture. How can anyone justify columbus day???This is how deep the indoctrination goes-----There are memorials across this country for holocaust victims----how many memorials to remind people of the genocide of Native American cultures-replace these confederate memorials with a teaching of how a people were ripped from their own land and put in bondage. Its amazing how the media and people want to turn away from this sickness that pervades American Culture. Paul Ryan his favorite author Ayn Rand----McConnell -they will say their not racists—not me----the reason healthcare doesn’t happen in this country is because they don’t want those other people benefiting, the same for minimum wage. We need states rights to determine eligibility for healthcare according to republicans----WHY? To prevent those others from benefiting. And I would love someone like Chris Hedges or Cornel West to address militarism and racism.


Almost correct, except for the causal relationship indicated by “because”. There are many who are bigoted and evil but are not “left behind” in this economy. I cite Mr Trump himself as supporting evidence.



I don’t think the fact that Trump is a racist is as serious as the fact that he is 100% a demagogue. Also, he did not want to be president because he wanted to help people or do things better or anything so basic. He wanted to be King of the Mountain. This is where he wants to be. He’s having a great time. If the country burns down around him, he will still be enjoying his tenure. But at some point very soon a budget has to be passed and the debt ceiling managed. These two factors will not be amenable to his operating style, unless the Democrats lose it. The Democrats should tell Trump that they will vote against anything proposed unless Trump changes his tune about climate change and about ramming extremist judges on the people.


I agree that Trump is a racist (which I knew in 2016) and mentally incompetent to be president (which would require choosing some good people and listening to them - I suspected he was incapable of this in 2016 but I wasn’t sure until early 2017).

But if by “millions of Americans were willing to overlook …”, the author means that more than say 10% of the people who voted for him are anywhere as racist as he is, then I have to disagree. Trump won for the reason that too many Democrats just can’t seem to admit - that Clinton was a disaster of a candidate from the beginning and widely despised by too many people. Thomas Frank speaks the most clearly on this point. I hope dearly the Democrats can figure out his basic truths soon.


Say what? President Obama was born in Hawaii. At the time of his birth, Hawaii was a state, and his mother was an American citizen. What do you mean when you say Obama was not born a US citizen?


I agree with the racist label for Trump and that it does explain all of his troublesome behavior. But I don’t agree with the current trend in labelling anyone’s inscrutable behavior as insane, or mentally incompetent for the rest of his behavior.
I think this way. He is not merely racist, uncaring or antagonist toward other races.
Instead, he simply doesn’t care about ANYONE. There are reports of problems he has had with women, bad treatment of his children. Look at the way he behaved in his TV drama, triumphant at every opportunity to loudly proclaim “You’re fired!” Firing cabinet members does not imply insanity if that was part of the original plan. Cruel?Yes. Insane as though incompetent? No, not for what he is trying to achieve.
If we are going to call cruelty insanity, then we must call out every active military from the battlefield right up to the commander in chief for decades. Trump has turned the cabinet into a war zone. If that is impeachable, if that is insane, then let’s get real, do what we need to do and get rid of the whole military while were at it.