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Plan B? What Happened to Plan A?


Plan B? What Happened to Plan A?

Pat Mooney

The US National Academy of Sciences has released two reports on geoengineering that recommend investments in solar radiation management (SRM) and carbon capture and storage (CCS). Geoengineering has become known as the US government’s “Plan B” response to climate change.


Science marches on

And off the cliff


We could switch virtually all transport to hydrogen by 2017 with government mandate: all internal combustion engines produced in US or intended for US sales must be fueled by hydrogen. Off the shelf technology. Gas station, on-site “hydrogen reaction” machines turn water to hydrogen. Different nozzle needed for transfer to vehicle. Off the shelf.

Ruling technology out is irresponsible. We need responsible, sustainable technology as never before, and we need it in place ASAP!


Carbon extraction should be ground level, “artificial,” high efficient “trees” that turn carbon into sequestered carbon (government project) or carbon bags to replace plastic bags as example of market possibility.


I know what we can call Plan B: The Trickle Down Theory!!!

Geoengineering so the big energy companies can continue to extract and burn carbon will work as well as that other Trickle Down Theory.

I feel better already.


Here is one person who has collated and posted a [partial] history of weather modification. Oddly enough, he also has been tracking fracking, earthquakes and proposes observational perspectives and tools for doing so. http://dutchsinse.com/want-to-know-about-weather-modification-haarp-vlf-hf-and-chemtrails-want-to-prove-it-to-a-non-believer-here-you-go/

Another person who has another perspective and methodology https://www.youtube.com/user/WeatherWar101

The necessity of questioning and observing is perhaps a skill worth exploring.


We could pool our money to support a dedicated team of lawyers that would sue persons, corporations and governments for endangering all our lives and the biosphere on which all life depends.


Geoengineering experimentation has been going on since the 1950’s, when some already started realizing the accumulating carbon gases emitted into our atmosphere. The use of geoengineering is also a military endeavor to affect climate. Now to continue to pollute, it continues to be observed and it could threaten an impact on our normal jet stream patterns. Plan A is the only plan for those wanting to share a future for generations. This, however, is not Plan A for the military industrial complex geopolitical controllers. Perhaps direct democracy will arise someday to demand real change, and not more of the same… Time is getting short.More resources on this and related topics are posted from my web site FlybyNews.com


Hydrogen is not an energy source; it’s a storage method and is much less efficient than electricity, which can be generated by wind, solar and other clean renewable energy sources.

Hydrogen has been used as a distraction and a delaying tactic by people more interested in continuing the burning of fossil fuels than in any changes at all. There is little or no hope of ever making it work, and since we have far, far better choices, hydrogen would be a bad one.