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Plan Colombia, Permanent War, and the NO Vote


Plan Colombia, Permanent War, and the NO Vote

Laura Carlsen

The Colombian people voted NO to peace. Or to be exact, 50.2% of 37% of the eligible population voted no. In the referendum held Oct. 2, the majority of voters decided to scuttle four years of peace talks dedicated to ending 52 years of bloodshed.


For Capitalists profits are their god.
Wars are very, very profitable so the Capitalists love them.
Besides the rich seldom get killed in their wars, only us peons do.
Which is why the only logical war that the peasants should ever fight is a war (bloodless) fought against the rich.


"War as a policy is almost always favored by those farthest from the battlefields."

Chickenhawks, war profiteers, bankster oligarchs and religious crusaders that make believe the Messiah will only return if they kill, rape, plunder and commit every debauchery and sin.


Oh well, democracy in action.... 60% don't give a flying and the rest are more or less evenly split.


People don't give a flying...because they can't buy politicians like the oligarchy.


The government could just override the vote. California had a judge override Prop 8 and that one passed by 4 percentage points. Which kinda makes your point BTW....


50% of 37% is around 18.5%, is it not?