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Plan for Nation's Largest Oil-by-Rail Terminal Faces Massive Opposition



Governor Inslee:

Do the right thing.

Or, face MASSIVE, PERSISTENT, and POWERFUL opposition.


Your Constituent


Inslee and Brown's decision will not be permanent once Obama pushes TPP into law.

The protesters better tell Inslee to oppose TPP.


Now watch the Government of British Columbia claim that "we have to act faster to get our own terminal in place so we can better compete with the Americans as a point to export oil and gas and create jobs".

Such is the nature of that "free market" and the "competitive economy".


Look, Inslee betrayed his Wall Street devotions along with betraying his supporters in the Primary contest when he came out for HRC. He will do the very same thing in getting the rail fire bombs rolling on the WA side of the Gorge if there is any way he can do it and still get re-elected Gov. of WA. He is above all else a money-grubbing, self-promoting professional image manipulator. Don't wait for him to again prove his devotions.

Organize now. Put up a viable opponent to him for governor. Now. It may already be late in his game.


I hope the turnout continues throughout the hearings...I applaud and support the activism of these concerned citizens and all participants. If the citizenry of Oakland can reign victorious, then the people of Vancouver/Portland and all points between departure and destination have the same success in PREVENTING cataclysmic accidents waiting to happen. (On another note, if the rhetoric surrounding the need for the US to be oil independent thus perpetuating oil extraction industries nationwide is substantive, then why is there a need to transport the extracted oil to ports in Oakland, Vancouver/Portland, and other ports on the West and Gulf coasts for EXPORT???)