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Plan to Release Radioactive Fukushima Wastewater Into Pacific Ocean Panned by Critics

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/09/10/plan-release-radioactive-fukushima-wastewater-pacific-ocean-panned-critics

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Where’s Godzilla when you need him?


Where are we, back in the 1950s? “The solution to pollution is dilution?” WTF???


Tell us trog and ol swannee how great nuclear power is again

all you jackasses knew this was coming, but you still sing the star spangled banner every time, while you tout how great your industry is



Where’s the guys on the grassy knoll, when you need them?


Back of the envelope math:

Gallons of water in the Pacific Ocean: 187,000,000,000,000,000,000.
Gallons of radioactive Fukushima water: 1,000,000.

Just kidding – costs to corporations must be externalized. Thanks for playing along at home.


This obviously should not be a unilateral decision made by Japan only. This is an international issue affecting all nations of the pacific and the world. Nuclear power and weapons are hellish disasters created by human hubris. When Pandora’s box is opened…bad things can happen.


Maybe they have been fired from their jobs as PR agents of the nuclear industry.


Insanity. Some of the components in that waste water have a million year life-span. This will be the coup de grace to the Pacific and everyone who eats from it. Including the Japanese.


I believe Trump’s mouth is big enough to hold that wastewater.

Perhaps, we can make a deal with the Japanese.

Sounds like a win-win for everyone.


The Atomic Energy Society of Japan said recently that it could take 17 years for water to meet safety standards after it is diluted.

So we are to be o.k. with a “little” radioactivity? Are we insane?


The Japanese Environmental Spokesman’s data translated to US measurements is ‘more than one million tons’? That’s what I see at the top of the article. A little top of the head conversions = 241,000,000 gallons. That is plus hundreds of millions of uncollected gallons that have flowed out and will be flowing when homo sapiens are a distant memory … When our Pacific salmon start to glow in the dark, it will probably be a good time to cut back.


Technology created this beast. The cupidity of humans created the technology and did not bother to first develop ways to get rid of it.
Why not? What about those means we have of concentrating the radioactive parts, such as centrifuges operating on gases? What about taking all those brains who developed nuclear and stop them from doing anything to make more nuclear until they have all managed to develop ways to cleanse water of radioactivity. Far more valuable than a weapon and if we can go from ore to concentrated elements why can’t we go from contaminated carrier substance (i.e. water) to concentrated elements and a means of dealing with that smaller volume.
This is similar to a lot of engineering which goes headlong on development with little or no thought to long-term maintenance and cleanup. Not just in nuclear but in darn near everything.
Maintenance and cleanup just aren’t sexy enough to attract scientists, engineers and the clueless “leaders/owners/ceos” who run this.
If we can do one, we darn well should be able to do the other side of it.


Trumps resorts and hotels all have swimming pools dont they…?


I think I’m going to take a Geiger counter with me to seafood and sushi joints from now on
only $121 !

Ok it’s amazon and I don’t buy from amazon…it’s a joke and it was closest…
So before you flame me… Lighten Up Francis

PS - Think of teh fun you can have running the geiger counter over that salmon steak, teh looks, the comments…Especially when it goes off!


Some of the different radioactive elements in that stuff have a million year life span. It only taks a particle in you to start things going. 17 years?


Lol!!! Just saw the latest Godzilla movie the other night.

I don’t believe I ever heard Obummer say one word when Fukushima happened. Part of his “all of the above” strategy.


This should drive-home the lesson that current generation tech nuclear plants are not the answer to carbon reduction! Those should not be kept running as aged deadly-potential generating profits for new owners, thay should be shut and cleaned-up and the resources directed to sustainable green energy, If only we had some politicians with some wisdom and integrity; but where can those be found?

The Fukushima complex is running out of room for the tank-farm to hold the contaminated cooling waters.


Cancer rates and other radioactivity induced illnesses will soar. On the other hand, marine and terrestrial life may catch a break. Bikini Atoll and Chernobyl are teeming with radioactive fish and wildlife since humans are not be able to eat any of these.

Most animals are not as long lived as humans and cancer takes time to manifest and kill us. Meantime fish and wildlife will have reproduced many times over.