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Planet Breaches 410 ppm as Back-to-Back Protests Demand Trump Wake Up


Planet Breaches 410 ppm as Back-to-Back Protests Demand Trump Wake Up

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The amount of carbon in the Earth's atmosphere is now officially off the charts as the planet last week breached the 410 parts per million (ppm) milestone for the first time in human history.



" Make the lie big; make it simple; keep saying it and eventually they will believe it."
Adolf Hitler.



The Mauna Loa chart reprinted here not only shows CO2 reaching levels unprecedented for humans (and even for our humanoid ancestors) - if you look closely you can see the curve arcing upward because the rate of increase continually rises. Atmospheric CO2 is not only rising, it's accelerating. And the same thing is happening with methane.

I've been raising the issue of the contrast between this accelerating rise in atmospheric carbon, and the generally-accepted accounting of global carbon emissions - which has leveled off for 3 or 4 years now. How can atmospheric carbon keep accelerating when carbon emissions are holding steady?

One explanation would be if the accounting of carbon emissions is not only flawed, but markedly more flawed just recently. Possible, but I regard this as unlikely.

Another explanation would be if natural variability (such as the Pacific Decadal Oscillation) is temporarily hindering the previous capacity of the global ecosystem to absorb carbon. There's enough likelihood of this to make it too soon to reliably conclude as follows:

The third explanation, alarming if not alarmist, is that the Earth (forests, oceans, and cryosphere) has just changed from a carbon sink to a carbon source. Forests are succumbing to parasites and burning down. The ocean absorbs and emits CO2 - with steadily less absorption and more emission as temperature and atmospheric CO2 increase. Permafrost is no longer permanent.

This is what the data would look like if the global ecosystem is now a carbon source, if we have just passed a tipping point. If atmospheric carbon (CO2 and methane) now has its own inexorable momentum, mitigation options are severely constrained. It's possible that all we can do (with radical measures to completely stop fossil fuel extraction) is slow down global warming - that humans will never see a decrease.


"...that humans will never see a decrease."
* Unfortunately, they probably won't live long enough.


What's driving the growing climate instability due to global warming is the result of, mostly, the carbon released into the atmosphere from 20-30 years ago as it take a good many years to affect the systems in measurable ways that prove meaningful. Or to put in a way that's more understandable; if all human CO2 production stopped tomorrow the warming would continue for about several centuries, at least, because there's no real way to measure the future. As far as I'm concerned there was no 'debate' at the first Earth Day in 1970 and yet almost 50 years later the phenomenon is still being pointlessly argued, mostly by fossil fuel giants than don't want to give up their monopolized stranglehold on global commerce. We can thank all the feckless leaders that continued to be misled and not start mass transportation, cleaner, more efficient energy, conservation, (just look at pictures from the space station and see how the planet's lit up at night) and countless other measures that may have mitigated the more drastic consequences of damage. The time's now, so march, write emails, and scream to anybody close that this disaster threatens all of us, even the denying resistance.


A big driver is capitalism itself.
Thousands of companies, tens of thousands of products, etc.


So, AN, what do you suggest that we do now? I don't see us having enough power to rein in the corrupt Congress puppets and many legislatures that are rotten, nor do I see even a glimmer of hope that any policy-makers are becoming enlightened and coming to the fore to push, with the believers who are there already, for radical climate "saving" actions. Compound that with the filthy chewable air we see in Asian countries, too, and the destruction of rainforests all over the globe.... I'm really scared for my grandchildren's generation and the critters which aren't extinct...yet.


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I don't have any children myself, but there's a little playground in my neighborhood, and the delightful music of children's laughter there is always tinged, for me, with the foreshadow of their dreadful fate on a dying planet. It's too much to bear, even for a childless person who loves children. I can't imagine the anguish suffered by enlightened parents and grandparents. The anguish strongly supports our mass refusal to face the truth.

Even leaders who pose as champions of climate concern, like Obama or Jerry Brown, turn out upon closer examination to be prioritizing illusive economic prosperity over Life on Earth. Even the great James Hansen sees nuclear power as a solution - ignoring the continuous peril of Fukushima. Even environmental leaders tout alternative energy technology as a means of continuing economic growth, though energy is like closet space: the more you have, the more you'll use.

I have no argument against alternative energy, but it has to come in the context of the severe economic contraction and suffering which will result from completely stopping fossil fuel extraction. Digging up fossil fuels is a Crime Against Life, which should be considered more reprehensible than chemical weapons. Fossil fuels are chemical weapons, deployed against future generations of all lifeforms.

What to do? Given the strength of human cruelty and folly, effective strategies may not be available - that's one of the truths to grasp. I grew up in a country and in a religion where eternal untruths wreak untold havoc. I've developed a firm faith that Truth is always the paramount value, even when nobody wants to hear the most consequential truths. That's essentially all I know how to do myself: let's start with the truth, and think about how to most compassionately plan for a hellish future.

If you find that interesting, you might investigate The Dark Mountain Project.


Using only the station on Mauna Loa may be deceptive. Sitting on the Pacific Ocean, which has been heating from the East Rise Tectonic Plates reported in December 2016) among other sources of heat radiating out from the Earth's core, not only is heat but also CO2 being released from the Magma. Also, the increase in water temperature is likely releasing more CO2 from the water into the atmosphere which would account for the increase observed at Mauna Loa. A number of other global monitoring stations (IEA Study from March 0f 2017) have not seen any increase over the past three years. Basically this debunks atmospheric CO2 as being the main source of recent global warming/climate change. The Earth is also having a strong impact on the permafrost and Arctic glacial melting via the molten iron river (reported in December 2016) flowing eastward from under Russia and Alaska/Canada and heading toward Europe.


This is strange? I thought the observatory/station was on Muana Kea, that got a road up it, a couple/few miles away. Both around 13,000'. My bro' lives amongst the sink-holes on the side of Mauna Loa growing weed, either way, they should be able to get a pretty good reading on CO2 (mauna Loa is active, isn't it?, so maybe not the Temperatures: The bottom line, Muana Loa or Muana Kea, keep an eye on those Mtns.


The article did say Mauna Loa for the monitoring the CO2. Its location on the island is immaterial to what I was trying to point out. Namely the island sits in the middle of the Pacific Ocean but its CO2 readings are higher than the other global CO2 monitoring stations and this supports the idea that the heat of the ocean waters seems to be coming from the ocean floor. In addition to the magma release( heat) additional CO2 is released into the ocean (similar to volcanos releasing magma and CO2 and other gases) which along with the warming causes the CO2 to be released into the atmosphere. Not all CO2 in the atmosphere is derived from human activities, and it is not the main cause for global warming/climate change.


AN, thanks for your considered and actually sweet reply. I am working on your Dark Mountain link......it's excellent but pithy and lengthy.

Are we nihilists?


It's a rare pleasure to engage in a non-antagonistic exchange in the CD thread, for once, where flame wars are so pervasive that even the eminently neighborly longtime poster PsychedelicChicken, and I, have sometimes fallen into the futile attack trap.

No, I don't think we're nihilists. The truth about Life on Earth is vital because Life on Earth is important and meaningful. By contrast, nihilism "argues that life is without objective meaning, purpose, or intrinsic value."

As CEO of Chevron, Rex Tillerson commissioned an internal study which found that global warming is real and perilous, but that no measures to stop it are likely - so he opted to cynically invest heavily in fueling climate denialism with the intention of profiting as richly as possible from the devastation. That's unbridled nihilism.


Ok, that’s a good beginning point for me. I’m pretty much at the end of my hope rope. I am constitutionally unable to throw in the towel, but recognizing what I think is futile effort is painful

AN, even though my general field is human behavior, it is very difficult for me to BEGIN to comprehend how people like Tillerson can subvert their own brains and focus on their money-grubbing when they know at one level or another that there’s a good chance the planet will be uninhabitable soon……. Especially before they can establish some “dome” or other to live on Mars…..LOL

Have you ever read Carolyn Baker’s stuff? I used to read her regularly many years ago and got too busy to keep up with her. Last night after our “talk,” I decided to check her stuff out again. If you do look at it, I’d be interested to know your reaction(s).

Have as good a day as possible…… watch out for the windmill blades, mi amigo. https://carolynbaker.net/