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Planet Is Burning, But First Presidential Debate Set to Ignore Humanity's Most Pressing Issue: Climate

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/23/planet-burning-first-presidential-debate-set-ignore-humanitys-most-pressing-issue


Let’s face reality. Nothing of substance will be discussed at the debates. Biden will obfuscate with general statements that he will do good things and Trump will use the time to mock and deride Biden, Obama, and socialism. Sadly , Trump’s tactic is working with a lot of Latinx folk who have been indoctrinated to believe that socialism is the epitome of all that is evil and feel that the election is between Trump or a gringo Fidel Castro.


This article from the Atlantic offers a pretty good look at the issues being considered by the Latinx vote. It pretty much reflects the changing demographics by voters.



Why did the Biden campaign agree to any appearance in front of a Fox News personality?
It appears his campaign managers are just as out of touch as he is.


Hopefully, this pisses young people off


Thank fern. Many of the Latinx folk I know, from Mexico and Central America, hate Trump. But a lot know that Obama was the Deporter-in-Chief and there is no love for Biden - most can’t vote and of those who can vote, many tell me that they won’t. What I find disturbing, is an increase that I’m seeing in young Latinx folk on the east coast, who are staunchly anti-socialist. I think this may be due to influxes of people fleeing Venezuela.

I did think that was a bit odd.

When was the last time Democratic Party campaign managers were NOT “out of touch” ?

Ever since third parties were banned from “presidential debates” the “debates” have been 100% entertainment.


Welcome. One of the finer points of immigration is to find another way so in that regard having a diverse population creates opportunity. I’m sure it isn’t what some people imagined they would be getting into at least under current conditions.

I know millions of people have left Venezuela, mostly for other South American countries and have pretty good agreement there. What is your take on Juan Guaidó? I hope the people there don’t lose the qualities that make them resilient and authentic. I liked Hugo Chavez.

Endocrine disrupting chemicals, and also the issue with nuclear power plants being suceptible to solar storms in a huge solar storm like the one in 1859, are both serious threats to human life that we need to address. Also, the jobs aspect of GND is prevented by our ideology and procurement agreements. Our young people are likely to be more expensive than procurement laws allow. Because the bids are international. (Yes, foreign countries can now operate in the US if their bids are cheaper, its been that way for a while, but visa quotas have been holding it up, a situation whichis being challenged by India.

So soon, outsourcing could become the norm, not the exception.

Why do young people I speak to about “Green New Deal” alsways mention the jobs aspect, which I think shows a fundamental lack of understanding of how procurement works today. Also current trends in procurement.

Frankly, it seems that environmental jobs are likely to be outsourced, because they are always prominent in the kinds of jobs that are being discussed as being channeled to the developing world.

Because the labor costs there are lower, and in many cases educational levels are high.

Its a huge issue thats going to mean the younger generation wont be likely to work in any of thee projects unless they posess very advanced skills, and work for the foreign subcontractors who win these bids, by virtue of low labor costs.

These firms already dominate the kinds of IT that used to be very different, very positive diverse workplaces in the past.

However, now they are not diverse and they are notorious for not hiring American workers, even though they pretend to be looking for workers, its just part of a scam they go through so they can import the workers they want, they post ads and interview workers but never hire them.

This is for some US government form.,

This will become the norm as the lower and middle echelon jobs will be easy to outsource, and international organizations will likely manage visas, not the US government, when work visas are involved.

Outsourcing of jobs, is a huge change that right now is only impacting a few sectors of the economy, such as IT, because of the visa limits, so we’re seeing very severely limited numbers. When the limits are removed its expected to rise rapidly, eventually the numbers are unknown but they will be high. According to the global value chains ideology which the US is strongly behind, countries should only dothe things they are the best in the world at. Manufacturing that involves lots of labor is done in countries that specialize in that, back office operations are done in countries that specialize in that, and specialized areas that involve very high value being added specialize in that, for example, space and aeronautics, the US leads in, also, entertainment and intellectual property law, high value added pharmaceuticals, and so on, many in the US are among the best in the world at. What are our other niches?

For the bread and butter jobs, they want to import workers because thats much cheaper.

People who are pushing for green new deal, need to define what this deal is and make sure its not something totally different. I suspect its ikely to be exactly that.

Just saying, because people are so profoundly unaware of the state of capture, that leaves us extremely vulnerable.

Unfortunately the climate crisis is likely to increase the sea level from 60’ to 100’+ “sometime” in the future. Factoring the albedo changes, the increasing carbon, and the temperature rise of the oceans will flood all the coastal cites which will have to be rebuilt further inland. Exactly when this occurs is impossible to predict because the weather & climate systems are non-linear, that is, they can proceed very quickly…but there little doubt the Oceans will rise at least 60 feet. At least.


Hopefully, it will also piss off everyone else. Younger generations have had problems fobbed off onto them to solve for—generations. We need to ALL unite, regardless of age.


It’s a rather macabre “entertainment” that the Duopoly puts on.


Latinx people are afraid Biden will make it so all the effort they made to become US citizens will be nullified by trade deals. Biden could get all those votes in his second term if he got us out of the trade deals he was working so hard to pass under Obama. GATS and the newlt proposed TiSA in particular are terrifiying to workers and public services, globally. Because they undermine workers and the value of labor.

All the other stuff is minor compared to what those deals which the neoliberal cult wants so much. Their scheme to undercut the value of labor goes back >30 years, and its been in negotiations off and on most of that time. Now india is suing us to cough up the jobs they say they were promised in the WTO. the very existence of a large middle class all around the world and all the hopes and expectations people had in the 1990s and earlier is hanging by a thread.

A loss in the dispute in the WTO would be binding on a great many countries and funnel potentially tens or even hundreds of millions of high skill jobs to the well educated children of oligarchs in a belt of countries arould the world who are so desperate for entry into professional fields (and especially work in the US) that they will basically work for free, or even pay to work.

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I’ve mostly given up hope for the older folks (and to be fair, i wouldn’t necessarily want them to be on “front lines” in their old age), but you’re absolutely right: the more people active, involved & pissed off, the better.

People seem to like being led around by the nose. Fox Noise watchers prove the point.
Trump’s got so many issues to debate, does it matter which ones he adulterates.

I’m not voting either, it’s totally pointless. Nothing will change and we’ll either burn, drown, or starve. Nope, I’m going to keep reading philosophy instead 'till I can’t. I might watch the “debate” for entertainment purposes only.

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My view exactly. Entertainment purposes only. I’ll pop some popcorn and try not to fall asleep. Macabre is a good term.

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Both parties are captured and what they want us to celebrate as democracy is a sham. Under this sham regime which pretends to be two parties, everything becomes another theft.

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