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Planned Parenthood Demands Federal Court Intervene to Stop Trump Attack on Abortion Rights and Title X Program

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/08/15/planned-parenthood-demands-federal-court-intervene-stop-trump-attack-abortion-rights

The military needlessly kills people every day. They should become unfunded. Then rebuilt in a sane way.
Pubic tax dollars used for killing, torture, etc., but not one dollar for health care and planning of pregnancy outcomes and possibilities. No more clinical-professional guidance on birth control, pregnancy, STD management and treatment and more.


This issue doesn’t start at the doors to a women’s health clinic or abortion provider and just telling women to shut up is not going to change the very real needs that require a humane society to acknowledge. There are no magic pills for a coat hanger society.

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If we don’t all understand this as an attack on women – a war on women –
to limit their freedom and end their worldwide oppression – they we are
missing all of the clues.

This is about birth control/contraceptives as well – Elites require overpopulation
for cheap labor and higher profits. That’s all it’s about.

We are all thinking too much of revolution and change of government for Elites –
and women are often leading the way.