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Planned Parenthood Detractors Threatening Millions of Women's Sole Safety-Net



30-35 religiously insane Congressmen, 2-3 religiously insane Senators led by Sen. Ted Cruz; and the entire gov't could be shut down. What's wrong with this picture? The Southern states, known as The Old Confederacy, are pandering ( outright lying ) to their religiously insane base. And, you wonder why millions of people want Texas ( maybe more ) to secede from the U.S.? Who let the dogs out ( and allowed its' tail to wag the country ) should be changed to reflect the new reality: who has to catch the dogs, bring them to heel and retrain them? If they aren't we'll need lots more rabies vaccine.


The pharma/insurance industrial complex and the republicans who would keep women uneducated, barefoot and pregnant.


I rest my case. It's not a child. Let the unborn bury the unborn. I'll buy the shovel(s ?). You and your god need help burying all the unborn, let me know. Since there aren't any it won't take long. Pay your taxes and quit your complaining or don't pay your taxes ( the proportionate % of the monies you're squealing about ). Then, I'll have an excuse not to pay mine ( you know the 55% of all taxes collected thingy ) in regards to the MIC and PIC. Let's see who bankrupts the gov't first. :wink:


Get ready for the next big change in the tax code: 2 and you're through. No more tax rebates/credits after 2 children. You can have 19 Duggars but the last 17 are out of your own pocket, not mine. End of story.


The commondreams.org bridge troll is posting basura once again. Planned Parenthood has saved many lives but the anti-choice evangelists persist in using terms like "baby-killer"s on all fronts. The ignorant may listen but the informed and intelligent will not. Mainstream media likes nothing better than to give air time to the cross-waving, banner bearing wingnuts...that way no real reporting is necessary as the craziness speaks for itself.


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What a great detailed report. Do you have anything equally informative on defense spending?


I think you overlooked the fact that women's healthcare issues comprise about 95% of Planned Parenthood activities...and have nothing to do with abortion! I for one needed them when I first moved after college. How selfish of you to want to deny this support and information to others.


Only important if you're in the 10%...


Why is this such an issue? I well understand the problems with abortion. It is a horrible thing to have to deal with but it is also a part of our lives that is needed as s way to correct a mistake or the results of an even more horrendous crime. No one I know is pro abortion, but it is accepted as a poor solution to a serious problem with no other choice. Those who point to adoption are just ignorant about the subject but that is totally incidental to the reason this issue comes up every four years.


We would all want women to be responsible and use birth control instead of abortion. That is exactly what PP does. Three percent (3%) of what PP does is safe, legal abortions. It provides birth control for both low income women (and men too). It also provides mammograms and other services for low income women. This issue is made up as an excuse to control women. Check out who would close down the United States government over Planned Parenthood. Who are they? They are 30 or so nutcase men in the Congress. It is important to realize that American taxpayers do not fund abortions. That has been against the law for 40 years. I repeat, this is an issue designed to control women. I STAND UP FOR PLANNED PARENTHOOD! THEY STOOD UP FOR ME!