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Planned Parenthood Leader Speaks Out Against Highly-Edited Attack Videos



Operation Rescue and Center for Medical Progress along with other groups of their ilk have no valid, substantive argument against a women's right to choose so they resort to creating patently false, misleading, and specious videos and press releases appealing to the ignorance of so many anti-choice proponents. In addition, they mask themselves as Christians while doing the "devil's work" (if you believe in such) meant to incite hatred and malice toward women. They are without shame or conscience.


So, can't believe there is only one response so far.... I should have read this... just heard to day about this video... so, now I read it.... wow... this is war.


Ann Richard's daughter, director of the Ford Foundation, she's suppose to be a pretty smart operator - aught to be for the salary she gets. I hope she can do a better job communicating here, but that's not want irks me. To have her executives making those kinds of meetings in public when it's known the opposition is ruthless, willing to murder, much less play fast, its pretty shocking she let her team loose without better guidelines. Lucky they didn't get murdered in the parking lot. She certainly should not have let them out without their own recording equipment, no security, no background checks on the people they were meeting, and to do this away from their own offices -- smacks of hubris. As I say, she's probably lucky she's still alive, those guys play dirty and nasty.


These things, abortion, planned parenting, preparing for the future, those are for a free people to decide. So, instead of going where no American is allowed to go, I'll discuss economics. In a capitalist society, there is to be an ever growing GDP. To get this, a country has a few options. First is having your populace have many children, which is unfeasible due to having to pay for each child as they grow. Second is immigration: a gov't must let more people in to help get GDP up. Third, pay a livable wage or the opposite of a livable wage; in the Reagan years people were paying higher income tax than now making the GDP smaller, but if you tax, then you tax a lot or very little, its a bell curve. So, what does all this capitalist rheteric have to do with abortion? Nothing, and neither does murder, burning churches, closing clinics that employee people, and sure as hell has nothing to do with freedoms. (Sorry, i like to take people for long walks sometimes.)


Wow, I heard about this and felt the need to get more background information. When I searched Planned Parenthood and Fetal Tissue all I got back was hits from Fox News and CNN. I'm all about an individuals choice to seek out good reliable sources of journalism but it sickens me to know that the minds of the masses are controlled by the filth of mainstream media.

****THEY LIVE****


I realize this is a bit late for a comment but I have stewed about the way this article was a lot about anti-reporting that is was wrong in bringing to the public's attention on what is goin on. Has I read this I could change the subject to Animal Cruelty activist take out the name planned parenthood and insert Big-Agri business. And many of the ways that things are revealed and were brought in the open by activist of any cause is what is being whined about. In this article and some of the later articles whine about the information being discussed and how it wasn't legal to record. Instead of admitting the reality, see the part that is causing public concern and set in motion the change. Just as animal abuse in big-agri and realize butching is goin to continue but we can change the way animals live before they are killed. Undercover media is how the public learns and says make changes because it offends us.
Sorry it's so late and not really on planned parenthood.