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Planned Parenthood Not Invited to Hearing on Planned Parenthood


Planned Parenthood Not Invited to Hearing on Planned Parenthood

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Not one representative from Planned Parenthood has been invited to attend the first Capitol Hill hearing on a series of controversial, secretly-recorded videos released by an anti-choice group over the summer—even as conservative lawmakers use the occasion to demand the organization answer for their alleged remarks in the footage.


It's tough for me to find any information on how to start a hearing, other than getting my circuit court judge to sign something. This is election related, as even McConnell seems to think nothing is going to happen? Well we can make it election-related too... share everywhere!!


Mammon wants cannon fodder.


Ahhhhhh the last time something like this happened was around 1937 and the feds held a hearing but "failed" to supoena any medical doctors and seek their testimony. The end result of this hearing was the Marijuana Tax Act and the war on drugs was on. Holding a hearing that affects 51 percent of the population by witholding medical treatment such as birth control and abortion, and not talking with Planned Parenthood, is a symptom of a misogynistic attitude that should be unacceptable in a civilized society. If abortion is banned and birth control is defunded then the back alley will be the answer. This is unacceptable.


How much abuse can you actually stand before you start to rebel? This simply reflects how the political
oligarchy feels about "its electorate", and its desire to constrain debate. Had enough yet? You put these
vermine into office, often repeatedly. Man up!


And pro-lifers can't understand why I think they are disgusting. The pro-life movement is nothing more than a tyranny of the minority. More self-righteous pigs trying to shove their inappropriate dogmas down the throats of the rest of us. And then they have the gall to attempt firing back with statements like "liberals are taking our freedoms away with unnecessary, burdensome regulations." What is a ban on abortion but an attack on a woman's reproductive freedom? It ain't liberals doing that!