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Plans for Nationwide Anti-Trump Tax Day Protests Gain Momentum


Plans for Nationwide Anti-Trump Tax Day Protests Gain Momentum

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

From New York to Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. to Little Rock, Arkansas, protesters will take to the streets on Saturday, April 15 to show President Donald Trump that the American public does, in fact, care about his tax returns.


I care. And here are about one million others who care. https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/#signapetition Please, keep on caring.


A sign for this march: Tax the Rich or Eat the Rich? Your Choice. Attach it to a pitch fork.

We really need actions that address all the issues. Total, rolling non cooperation while we organize.


I think we should demand he show his birth cer, I mean tax returns.


Herr trump will not release his returns until dragged kicking and screaming - those tax returns contain info/evidence of his conflicts of interest with foreign banks/loans etc, business ties and conflicts of interest with corporations and governments where he does his "business", as well as showing him to be a liar about his charitable giving claims, and paying little or NO taxes in the US, weaseling like the low-life self-interested scum greedy operator he is............


I'd like to think WikiLeaks will get their hands on his tax returns. There has to be someone at the IRS that can make this happen.


So lets say DJT does reveal his tax paper work, so what! What if you find that all and more of what you claim is true?

Only a fool looks for a president that is sinless and virgin.

Lets just compare the admiral qualities of our last president who dropped 72 bombs per day everyday of his 8 years. Clue, they did not land in the ocean. They landed on real people. Here is a guy with the moral cluelessness to sit every Tuesday and decide who lives and who dies that week. Here's a guy that promised to close Gitmo but did not. Is that a lie?

Lets be real about the extremely poor quality of the American presidents of late. The political parties are either side of the same coin. We have spent that coin and got nothing. Change it up, all of it.


I signed a petition. Thank you for your post, and YES WE CARE.


A good place to start would be with Trump.


Unfortunately we have a well crafted organization with some 8 million employees we call our federal government. It would be silly to think removing one person represents any change at all.


Not part of the democratic party agenda for this protest. Stay focused. It is about Trump's return, not the tax returns of the banksters and oligarchs and elites who support the democratic party. Or even about those who support the republican party. Leave them alone.

Basically the democratic party elites are replaying Clintons campaign tactics against Trump, First he is a stooge of Putin. And now the campaign demand that he release his taxes.

But there are democrats who realize that the resistance to Trump may get out of control and focus on issues such as tax inequities. Adam Schiff said he fears the protesters may become radicalized and essentially refuse the lead of the party.. Hillary's communication head made a point on MTP that having protests against Trump does not mean the protesters favor a $15/min wage--oh no you don't.. These rallies could go the way of Bernie's populism and not the way of the corporatist/Clintonista wing. Instead of just demanding Trump's taxes, the protesters may want some economic justice.

The democrats behind the organizing of this rally just may have cooked their own proverbial goose. I hope so.


No need to clear them all out, just the undesirables, but that could end up like the Reign of Terror.


Wasn't "basket of deplorables" a term coined by HRC in one of the emails she hoped was not subject to FOIA.


I do not understand why if Trump does not have to reveal his taxes, which he may not be paying a single dollar, why we have to pay any taxes.


Not really. she actually said it at rally in New York.

"You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump's supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic -- you name it. And unfortunately there are people like that."

She basically called half of Trump's supporters racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic and Islamaphobic. Didn't rally work out for her. Probably pissed more people off and got them to vote the other way.


Thanks for clearing that up.


Return to Eisenhower-Era PROSPERITY?
Return to Eisenhower-Era TAX RATES!!


Yes and I agree and hence, "Tax the Rich".


The REAL zeitgeist as opposed to the brittle, mean spirited media silo/funneling so adored for its manipulable shell games, remains something to celebrate, constantly recreate and INHABIT with entire, richly invigorating alternative premises. We all know them; they pulse through our veins, are communicated when we smooch our kids and joyfully task through our days.

I think the films that Peter Joseph has put together will continue to catalyze - like good literature. Curling up this evening with ZEITGEIST 3 - MOVING FORWARD and an old tape of a talk by Terrance Mckenna decades ago. The breadth of ideas are, from my perspective, absolutely essential to bust through the dying diatribes being foisted.

I find myself compiling a favored reference 'library' to share and explore with others to counter the BS machines.


Yes with the rates of the capital gains !