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Planting Corn, Not Pipelines


Planting Corn, Not Pipelines

David Schwenk

During the early stages of resistance against the Keystone XL pipeline in Nebraska, an unlikely alliance of farmers, ranchers, environmentalists and Native Americans held a spiritual gathering at the farm of Art Tanderup. While gathered in a tepee during a cold night, Mekasi Horinek of the Ponca Nation had a vision: they should plant the newly revitalized Ponca Nation sacred corn along the proposed route of the pipeline.


Corn--and therefore its seeds--are sacred to all of America's Indigenous tribes. I heard the story of sacred corn down in Peru, too.

Probably for the Far East, it's Rice.

This is a beautiful article. I hope the planting of corn works a power that protects the land from all of these trespassers who can't think past quarterly profits instead of what Dhyani Ywahoo terms "The Beauty Path," and thinking ahead to the next 7 generations and what impacts actions taken today will have upon them!


What's your point?