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Planting Seed for Strikes in the Trump Era, #Strike4Democracy Sweeps Nation

Planting Seed for Strikes in the Trump Era, #Strike4Democracy Sweeps Nation

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Planting the seed for future large-scale walk-outs, hundreds of events are taking place coast-to-coast on Friday as part of a national "strike for democracy."

NOT NORMAL RESIST! everywhere, everyday! go America . we are in the fight of our lives to create a true democratic nation for the first time.


“Could that change in the Trump era?”: It had better! Striking across industries makes the union movement stronger rather than all the individual craft unions. Solidarity! May it grow into a massive, total, rolling non cooperation!

Trump, Inc. thinks he can just shove his fascist agenda down our collective throats and once again act as the calvary of old attacking the rightful inhabitants of this land, destroying any hope of a livable planet for all of us and our children, to appoint nothing but saboteurs in his cabinet to destroy the fabric of the nation–we shall instead rebuild in the image of a new nation of peace, equality, environmental stewardship and justice.


Why is PEACE not mentioned in lists of progressive causes? PEP has become shorthand for “Progressive Except for Palestine” - let’s make it “Progressive Except for Peace” and remind organizers of events that we oppose the endless wars as well.
How can any causes succeed until we bring the troops home and slash the bloated military budget, which accounts for more than 50% of discretionary spending? We’re spouting an “America First” mentality unless we care as much about the victims of US imperialism in other countries as we do for the welfare of our own citizens.




The next one must last for a month to really sock it to Wall Street and Washington. Default on all bills, refuse to buy anything, shut off the breaker and stay home or phuck up everything you can. Hey, accidents happen. And they show up on the bottom line.

It’s a damn shame when everyone can’t remember to put enough gas in their cars on the freeway onramps!

Shit happens!

Non-Cooperation Gandhi-style!


Slow the machine down any way you can. Default for one month on Credit Cards, gas bills, mortgage payments, turn off the T.V. and meet your neighbors on the back fence for blue flu.

Shit happens. Boycott and stay home. They WILL see that on the bottom line at Wall Street.

I’ve been hoping for this for decades. Let’s hope the next one lasts months until our demands, including not touching Social Security and Medicare are met.


Economic actions like strikes could be the most effective means for resisting Trump-republicans-corporations. Two suggestions:

  1. Choose what to strike carefully and make sure you know why you are striking.

  2. While you strike corporations and big banks, support local, green businesses and credit unions.

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Since I am a socialist and not a ‘progressive’ I can’t answer you.

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I do not know how it can be done, but a general strike may be able to teach these people a lesson that need to be taught a lesson. They only care about . Their collective consciousness is this: IF I HAD MORE … I WOULD BE HAPPIER!

The only way, it seems to me, to reach them is to make them unhappy about what is happening to the stock market and if a general strike makes them lose faith in the market like in 1929, it would definitely be a wake up call. Many jumped out of windows because of losing vast fortunes in 29. Folks, one way or another, we have to hit them where it really hurts them…in their pocketbooks!


Sex strike? It worked for Lysistrata.

Aristophanes’ Lysistrata PDF (English)

‘People, Planet, and Peace over Profit.’

The slogan of the most progressive political party most people refuse to acknowledge, the Green Party.

Don’t socialists work for the bankers? https://www.amazon.com/Wall-Street-Bolshevik-Revolution-Capitalists/dp/190557035X