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Platform Summit Gives Dems One Last Chance to 'Stand for Climate Justice'


Platform Summit Gives Dems One Last Chance to 'Stand for Climate Justice'

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Democrats need to get serious about climate change—and time is running out for them to do so.

Environmentalists see the upcoming full Democratic Platform Committee meeting in Orlando as a final opportunity to ensure the party takes meaningful action on climate change over the next four years.


Some climate scientists believe that it's ALREADY too late! By the way, Bill McKibben is NOT a climate scientist; rather, he's a person that seeks publicity.


Don't hold your breath for democrats to take a stand against the wishes of their paymasters. Not going to happen. Even if they put it in the platform, it will only be lip service. Support Jill Stein.


More crap from the empty shell of the so-called "Democratic Party". In cahoots with the industries they should be fighting, this tepid commitment again proves how empty this party-once mine- has become. Turncoats.


Only trusting the scirntists' conclusions and following their recommendations and hoping they're right stands any chance.


Science has already ended the debate about the climate and what we are doing to it. It's the Neo-Con/Right Wing and their malleable followers who deny real science


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Did the Democratic platform in 2012 affect what happened on climate change? Does anybody know what it said? At that point Obama still wasn't even mentioning climate change. He never mentioned it until his State of the Union Address. Yet we know Obama did quite a bit about climate change during his second term. So this worrying about what the Democratic platform says about climate change is just playing politics. Whatever it winds up saying I would have no concerns. What I am concerned about is what Clinton after she takes office if she wins. She has made a number of sweeping promises with regard to clean energy. What she does about that if elected is critical. Whether the Democrats in Congress can do much about climate change will depend on whether they can regain control of the House and Senate. If they don't, they probably will not be able to do much except continue to give speeches calling for action.


Too late to stay under 2C perhaps but not too late to take action. The more global warming can be limited the better, even if it reaches levels that are extremely serious.


Let me put this as succinctly as possible:

If you are counting on the Democratic Party to save you from climate chaos you are already a dead duck.


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Personally, I think it is irresponsible for anyone to say that "it's too late" to fight global warming!
And I would respectfully request everyone to NOT spread this "it's too late" speculation.

First, because no one knows for sure if it is too late or not.
Second, because such a belief reduces (or even destroys) hope and efforts to save all life on Earth!
Third, because it matters profoundly how much of life on Earth humanity can save from now on.

That is, it matters profoundly if 25% or 50% or 75% or 100% of all life on Earth is killed by global warming.
ALL life matters, and the more life that humanity can save, the better - and we have a moral duty to save the most life we can!

As long as some life on Earth is saved -- and as long as the Earth is saved somewhat and is still livable -- life will continue and rebuild.
But if ALL LIFE on Earth is killed -- and if the Earth is made entirely unlivable -- humanity will have committed the most appalling, despicable, criminal, tragic crime against this miraculous, most beautiful world!

It breaks my heart to even imagine all life on Earth being killed -- and the glorious Earth being made unlivable -- all because of human selfishness, greed, stupidity, laziness, and lack of courageous action!

ALSO (as I recall), scientists at Stanford University recently calculated that current technologies already exist to move the U.S. (and thus the world) 100% to non-fossil fuel sources of green energy by 2035 or 2050.

The U.S. could do this IF the govt. did the equivalent of its mobilization effort in World War Two. Saving all life on Earth is an even greater need and cause than defeating the German, Italian, and Japanese fascists was!

The biggest obstacle is that govt. leaders in almost every nation of the world are controlled by 1% oligarchs and fossil fuel corporations and militaries that depend on fossil fuels to fight wars, to move around, and to run their various machines and physical plants.

Only mass movements by the common people in numerous nations can force the 1% rulers and militaries to save all life on Earth.

Yeah, I know our chances are terrible -- but saving all life on Earth is worth the effort!
And impossible odds have been overcome by humans many times throughout history.
And what will happen to All Life and to our Mother Earth if we don't even try?!

So never say "it's too late." And "never say DIE"!!!


Latest on near-term human extinction from runaway climate chaos:


beautifully said, thank you. But life on earth will survive - it's human civilization that is most at risk. Ironically the other life forms may have more of a chance if our current civilization dissolves. Still, I'd rather hope for a consciousness transformation that empowers civilization to the betterment of earth's life forms...


Please don't even try to demean Bill McKibben.

He (like most people) may not be "perfect" and he (like most people) is not beyond fair criticisms.

However, it doesn't matter that he is not a climate scientist. He is extremely well-informed about climate science. He has talked extensively to climate scientists (like NASA's James Hansen). He has written books on climate science and global warming. He wrote that landmark article in Rolling Stone magazine about the vital need to keep fossil fuels in the ground, and to not extract and burn them. He founded 350.org and led related movements and a worldwide demonstration against global warming by common people. He was a leader in getting Obama to reject the Keystone XL Pipeline, and he has been arrested more than once protesting against global warming. He is an ongoing, passionate, fully committed, activist and leader doing a great amount of hard work to save all life on Earth.

Given these many FACTS -- I think it is very untrue and unfair of you to say that Bill McKibben is simply "a person that seeks publicity."

Your two sentences are both very negative -- and you don't support either point with facts, reasoning, or references.


Humanity is what is destroying life. If we have a moral duty, as you state, to save the most life we can, are you saying that it is time for voluntary human extinction? As Guy McPherson states, the best we can do now is to stop having children, shut down all the nuclear plants, and bow out gracefully.


Short answer to the title of this piece? No. Please remember that the Demo platform is not going to stand for much when these hacks take or return to office in January. Platforms are usually just suggestions and are designed more to get votes than provide any real assurance. Hillary really does want the TPP and I'm embarrassed for Warren that she thinks that talks with the Clinton campaign are going to make any real difference when it comes down to standing up to the dozen nations that want this travesty. That also goes for much of the rest of the policies that the Demos have been big supporters of - from increased imperialism and militarism aboard, more schemes for energy exploitation while giving lip service to conservation, privatizing education as much as possible, much increased prosecution of "whistle blowers", huge numbers of deported "illegals" and on and on. Sanders was a real chance to change this and the DNC and their shills in the M$M did everything they could to ignore and trivialize him. If Shillary acquires her lusted position of power in January (and God help us, puts Bill in a high advisory position) we will have an administration that the loathsome Charles Koch recently said that his Foundation could "work" with.


Thank you for your reply and your compliment.
I hope you are right that life on Earth will survive.
But this is another speculation, isn't it? I mean, no one knows how far extinction will go.

For example, if global warming triggers tipping points (like massive methane releases from the permafrost and the ocean), who knows how high and how fast temperatures could rise? Who knows how destructive and lethal heat waves, droughts, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. will become? Who knows how many people and other species will be killed by climate chaos?

Also, who knows how many millions or billions of human refugees will migrate due to climate chaos and wars in their nations?
And who knows if there will be world wars and nuclear wars?
And who knows if there will be nuclear power plant catastrophes due to rising oceans, earthquakes, tsunamis, or terrorists?

My point is that it is not impossible that all life on Earth could be killed -- and that Earth's livable environment could be turned into an unlivable, super-hot, radioactive "cauldron" -- on land, in the ocean, and in the atmosphere -- where nothing at all could remain alive. That extreme "possibility" is what I fear most.


You know that is not what I'm saying.
Your entire comment seems just to be trying to provoke me.
Maybe you're just "sarcastically playing around," but I'm not interested.