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Play At Selling Black Bodies! An Adventure Like No Other!


Play At Selling Black Bodies! An Adventure Like No Other!

Friends of capitalism: For a swell time, why not go online and play slave trading? Get the best price for selling black people! Help abused but plucky slave boy Tim rescue his sister from rape! Find the most efficient way to stack slaves in the hold of the ship! Or just kill us now. The video game was just posted on the Steam website to less than rapturous responses. Sample: "White people are sick."


My mouth is agape . ....just plain sick ....


Is this an article from "The Onion"??


I honestly don't get why people would become upset at such games, unless because they need, for peace of mind, to pretend the enslavement industry and triangle-trade didn't happen.

Of course I'm presuming the game is well-written and, despite the simplistic art, helps get across the reality of the historical wholesale slave trade (today's chattel slavery is more a boutique or even bespoke trade).


Finally, the end is near.

Capitalism has created a game we can all play to sell slaves.

What next, if not, at least, the end of slave trade which capitalism does every time it enslaves a mind or a body to its morality-degenerating wiles?