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Playing A Symphony On That White Skin


Playing A Symphony On That White Skin

Les Leopold

Historically, the rise of racist fascism is linked to economic upheaval. But today, with unemployment rates near all-time lows, at first glance, there seems to be little or no connection between joblessness and the rise of violent white supremacist movements.


“Of course, Trump gets hung out to dry if the counter-demonstrations adhere strictly to a Gandhi/King non-violence strategy. Then it would be clear that all the violence is coming from the Trump-enabled fascists. But at the moment there is no single progressive leader with the moral standing to enforce that discipline on the counter-demonstrators.”

Thank you Mr. Leopold for continuing the sentiment I expressed the other day. However, I think you’ve injected an axiom that does not belong, and has no effect on the current situation. I realized sometime during the W administration that if there was to be progressive change here, it would not be led from the top. Our government only reflects where the power of wealth resides and it will not now, at this juncture, be a force for positive change. At best, it will only follow, and then only if the tide cannot be resisted.

There is enough known about MLK, what he did and how he did it, that there is no need for a popular or charismatic leader to step to the fore, and lead us all to the promised land. Those organizing everywhere can understand the logic of MLK and what was accomplished through it.

And we must not forget history and all who have resisted the devils of our lesser nature. There is a quote or a paraphrasing of sentiment of the pre-war era: “The peculiar institution of slavery enslaves the master as well as the slave.”


And so much of what happens IRL today has reflections and organization on line. There’s no way to control a movement. We who strive to look beyond our own privilege must be the leaders, from comments on CD on up.


As Justaman eloquently points out “If trump gets lucky, those neo-Nazi saluted events will draw just enough militant counter-protesters for violence to be blamed “on both sides.” If this takes place again and again, trump will be able to turn a phony left-right narrative into something that looks more or less real - unless the counter-demonstrations adhere strictly to a Gandhi/King non-violence strategy”.

We must not fail to peacefully confront evil and by our numbers and power of conviction we hopefully will prevail…the fact that racism still is a force to be reckoned-with, and vulture capitalism, banker/wall street usury, police brutality and violence, corruption throughout our government, and corporate fascism are even more dominant today, we must confront them all, not be diverted by the red-meat side-track of the moment, not shrink from the formidable task! When confronted by evil we must act, but not allow ourselves, friends and loved-ones to become victims of violence…


“…with Unemployment Rates at All-Time Lows…”

The True Status of Unemployment is NOT reflected in the commonly used Stats.

This Country is Hurting, and that’s No Lie.


The favorite tactic is infiltration of the Peaceful Protest.

Usually, if they want a Riot, they get a Riot.

“Grapes of Wrath” showed how that works, only in that case it was nipped in the bud before the Corrupt Cops showed up because they “…heard there was a Riot!”

A Riot that they tried to Manufacture.

W.'s College Prof revealed W.'s opposition to “…that Commie Movie” being shown in his class.


Just what do you mean by your “but” phrase? If we White folk view people of color as our friends and loved ones, they’re already victims of violence. We need to start with that, ‘ripping apart the history and culture’ of racism.