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Playing Chicken with Nuclear War


Playing Chicken with Nuclear War

Robert Parry

The United States and Russia still maintain vast nuclear arsenals of mutual assured destruction, putting the future of humanity in jeopardy every instant. But an unnerving nonchalance has settled over the American side which has become so casual about the risk of cataclysmic war that the West’s propaganda and passions now ignore Russian fears and sensitivities.


Two things: first, the friendly fire martyr scenario is not preposterous; speculative and unproven, but not preposterous. Like Parry said, how this turn helps Putin and the Russians is doubtable. Second, after Prystaiko’s “God Wills It” rant, a Russian defense minister just as energetically (in a piece carried on RT news) said that Russia will retaliate with everything in its arsenal to a nuclear attack. He referred to a system in place, translated from the Russian as “dead hand” that would ensure retaliatory annihilation in the event of such an attack.

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I believe that we are dealing with a generational sea change here, and one that is not easily walked back.

I’m old enough to remember the terror of the Cuban Missile Crisis. I lived in NYC at the time, and attended Catholic School. I remember well the day that the nuns suspended classes to pray that we all might not die – die that very day. I remember NYC’s civil defense drills, and later, the air raid sirens that went off every Saturday at noon, when my family moved to suburbia. I remember my heart pounding every time I heard the twin tones of the Emergency Broadcast System, thinking… do we have 15 minutes to live, or is this just another test?

Newer generations have grown up with no such memories. There are people at the levers of power in DC who were too young even to have seen The Day After air in 1983, giving Americans another nuclear shock to the political system. They magically believe that the missiles have been decommissioned, that the threat is no longer real… because they have never been taught to fear the actual truth.

And so, I note with great sadness that there have been no serious protests about Neocon aggression in Ukraine. Not even in Europe, where so many will die if America and Russia finally do battle directly. When Ronald Reagan’s deployment of Pershing missiles brought hundreds of thousands into the streets, and this far more serious crisis does not, then the world is in deep, deep trouble. That’s a sea change toward ignorance. And it’s not just ignorance among the public. I’m not even sure that the Neocons driving this madness know what a nuclear warhead can do. Or that ICBMs are unstoppable. Or what a SLBM or MIRV even is. I suspect that they actually are that stupid, as they blithely lead us off to Armageddon, acting as if Russia is merely another Libya, to be dismembered at will.

The nuclear lessons have not been passed on, and have not been learned by generations completely unaware that the end of all they know may be mere minutes away. I kinda miss those NYC nuns, and their quiet prayers for all humanity.


“.Even after the coup, the new regime could have negotiated a federalized system that granted more independence to the disenfranchised ethnic Russians of eastern Ukraine, rather than launch a brutal “anti-terrorist operation” against those resisting the new authorities. But Official Washington’s “group think” has been single-minded: only bellicose anti-Russian sentiments are permitted and no suggestions of accommodation are allowed.”

The real question is who is DOING this allowing, who is mandating that the entire U.S. media march in lockstep as its myriad figures all endlessly repeat contrived false storylines?

Knowing that events never are generated from a singular factor or agency, the thoughtful mind ponders the possibilities of those factions that might WANT war.

The MIC comes to mind never losing money on conflict.

The bankers come to mind. After all, they fund the wars.

The eugenicists who WANT a major population reduction come to mind, too.

There’s arguably an AGENDA for a New World Order. Many leaders, particularly the Bush family who still run the show, have openly declared their interest in this very thing.

As a former boyfriend explained to me, the person who throws the first punch has an advantage. An attorney once told me that the surprise attack is also a tactical advantage.

The agents in the West who are part of this New World Order oligarchy, see Putin as a threat. And before Putin can fully merge interests with China, and the other BRICS nations, they are throwing that first punch.

Also, ominously, I was part of a discussion group with a channel medium who I think was the most authentic one I’d ever come upon and he specified that the U.S. would be attacked… in the teens (i.e 2015, 2016, etc.)

Of course, the very rich have underground bunkers if not cities to go to; and many WANT a pretext for all-out martial law.

As Naomi Wolf and Chris Hedges have explained, the legal logistics are already in place in such odious items as the NDAA. ANYONE can be rounded up, accused of supporting Terrorism, with evidence planted and no trial guaranteed.

Things ARE a mess and they have been led there by evil people who have shat on our Constitution, Bill of Rights, Habeas Corpus, Geneva Conventions, Magna Carta, etc.

Mr. Parry lays out the same case time after time and it’s a far better depiction of actual events than just about anything heard across conventional media. Of course, that is the danger… this control of the airwaves led 60% of U.S. citizens into the false conception that Saddam Hussein was behind 911; nor is the story of 19 hijackers in any remote way based on truth. Sadly, too many journalists still fall for that one.

Today’s Neo con maniacs ARE following the Nazi playbook: from its use of a dominant scapegoat, to its militarized domestic policing forces, to its control of media through pro-war propaganda, to its armed and dangerous (to cross) border fence, to its omnipresent Stasi spy state. Why would this blueprint NOT include an American version of the Reichstag fire? How better to fan the flames of “terrorists” in our midst while the real terrorists, those BENT on M.A.D. get to run it all?


" The friendly fire martyr scenario is not preposterous".

Ask yourself cui bono? Putin as a previous KGB, probably would not have any compunction to assassinate his opposition and has probably been culpable for assassinations in the past, but according to reports on RT Putin has some where around a 86% approval rating.

Putin is a Grandmaster chess player, and he would be very stupid to assassinate his opposition; especially, the way this was done next to the Kremlin!

Who benefits? Most commentators, on this thread know that answer!


The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists just recently changed the hands up to 3 minutes to midnight on their Doomsday clock, without much MSM notice. Last summer in the Ferguson incident, a shooting of a unarmed black man caused several months of protest and riots.
The people don’t have a clue that the Sword of Damocles hovers over their heads. That atomic war due to the drum beating of the West makes it a real possibility. So the people are willing to protest on this Fergurson shooting but apparently not to inclined to let the powers to be know that we do not want a World War with Russia.


Nobody believes it can happen. And a profitable Cold War is too big an opportunity to miss.


The US has had one ruthless thug (with five faces) in POTUS office for almost 25 years and yes one was a CIA agent. Putin still has to much of the old world nationalist about him with some faint shades of honor and concern for his nation. This is unacceptable by the neoliberals and neoconservatives that are on the brink (in their psychopathic deluded minds) of running the table for world dominion with the attendant crown of world conquerer and they are not going to let a few pesky countries with old fashioned ideas like Russia, China, and a few lesser pretenders stand in their way.

PS in case you haven’t noticed there is no USA anymore just a cash cow that’s feeding the MIC with the inhabitants wearing a bunch of faded tribal colored jerseys where some are for Coke and some for Pepsi!


What an ass you are. Give yourself a rest with your “contrariwise” nonsense. What does such a comment as “It amazes me that ‘progressives’ on this site are associated with dictator Putin! Shame” actually mean? Do you deny the basic premise of this article that the MSM, the US neocon right, and the US Congress are playing an extremely dangerous game of nuclear chicken here?


“The Kremlin has recently created a loose army of avengers who believe they are acting in the country’s best interests …”
Exactly how does this differ from the obadrone’s tuesday kill list meetings? To me Gessen’s quote says a whole lot more about Bush-darkest than it will ever say about Putin.


The problem with Putin being a thug is…he is not America’s thug !