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Playing Nuclear "Chicken" With Our Lives


Playing Nuclear "Chicken" With Our Lives

Lawrence Wittner

What kind of civilization have we developed when two mentally unstable national leaders, in an escalating confrontation with each other, threaten one another―and the world―with nuclear war?


“…the game of Nuclear Chicken played by Nikita Khrushchev and John F. Kennedy could have resulted in a disastrous Nuclear War.”

Averted only because JFK had the Backbone to NOT “Listen to His Generals., who advocated a pre-emptive strike, minimizing the loss of thousands, if not millions of American Lives.”


Jimmy, who had the Right of Way, died because an oncoming driver made a Left Turn in front of him.


Trump tries to listen to his genitals, I mean generals… Apparently he just can’t figure out what the little problem is. Come to think of it, it seems to be a problem shared by most of the people with whom he surrounds himself (so he can have a sure supply of opportunities to repeat his auto-erotic “you’re fired” gesture). Ah well, as the old saw goes, like recognizes like… a variation on the ever-so-titillating power themes of ole’ foggy bottom.


I think both leaders are responding to internal political realities and are not insane. Though I must say that I think Trump is in the middle stages of dementia. His vocabulary is limited. Also his ability to concentrate is limited. He seems easy to anger. All signs of middle stage Alzheimers. We have had two world leaders at the same stages durig their administrations, The Iron Lady and the Gipper and we have seen how their inability to be flexible and their singular focus on a flawed ideology led us down a hazardous path.
Trump is trying to draw attention away from the investigation and other problems and to distract people from his reactionary policies. Kim Jong Un is trying to maintain his own regime by very sane means. He has seen what happened to Iraq, Libya and Ukraine and even North Korea when they gave up their nuclear programs. Remember that the Clinton administration brokered a deal that compensated North Korea for abandoning their nuclear program in the 90s. Then the next Dummy in the WH made North Korea part of the “Axis of Evil” and stopped the compensation. Essentially breaking the agreement. The North Koreans wisely restarted their program while the US was preoccupied with Afghanistan and Saddam.
Kim Jong Un has stated that he is going to send some missiles into the ocean near Guam, not Quam itself, to demonstrate capability. He knows that the bombers and subs are stationed there. He wants the crews of those weapons carriers to know that their families on Guam are not safe if North Korea is attacked to add a little refusal or at least a hesitation on those who may receive an order to attack from Trump. It would not be the first time that disobeyed orders had averted catastrophe.
Both juvenile delinquents are benefiting from the bravado, but both and their underlings know it is not in their best interests to actually attack. In the meantime the people of the US, North Korea. and the world should keep an eye on other actions going on in the wings.


Trump’s problem is sitting on his shoulders, but he is too stubborn to admit it.


The fascist fraud is Insane! He Must be removed from the throne ASAP!


Trump suffers from Penis Envy.

Any phallic symbol, such as Nuclear Missiles, get him excited.

Golf clubs, pool sticks, pens used to sign Executive Orders, watch out.

Oh, he pretends that he’s the lady’s man, but quietly he suffers alone with his desires.


As my kids said when they were kids…"he touched me. he touched me; he touched me.

'then it became;;;;;;;"he hit me, he hit me, he hit me

Then it became a WAR


When Trump won the election, I doubted that we would survive his presidency. Looks like I might be right.


Very limited thinking behind this article. You are thinking about men as indeed it is men who will stand at attention over a button. If pushed all life on earth could end. Not sure this is a game of chicken or total ignorance.

Want to play nuclear chicken personally? Check in for an abdominal complete CT-Scan. You are playing chicken with nuclear and the odds are very bad. http://www.bmj.com/content/346/bmj.F2360

To a lesser degree but no less real or scary eat Pacific Tuna or Salmon swimming in 300-400 tons of nuclear waste dumped in the ocean every day for the last six years. This is not about seeing a bright light and its over. Its about dodging a tiny bullet. The end result is the same though. Its death. Nuclear bombs, DU bombs, the entire nuclear industry needs to be put back in the box it came in and not let out of the lab until the present list of long lasting chemical poisons man has created have decade to zero.


20+ years of polite diplomacy has give NK nuclear bomb and delivery capacity. This has not worked. What are we going to do? Wait until he attacks the US? NK understands no other language. Hope it works, if not, the US should blow up every ICBM that NK launches.


Yeah fuck the millions of lives in Seoul and Japan. I don’t want NK nuking me so they should be sacrificed for my entitled sense of self preservation


Trump (and warmongering corporate media, NYT included, act like it is a football game) is so ignorant of what a nuclear bomb is…I would recommend that he read Hiroshima by John Hersey and get the descriptions from the people who were going about their everyday lives…


OK, potty mouth, what is your solution??


Talks and diplomacy for one could help. Have you actually opened up talks for the past 20 years? It seems we more just slap sanctions on them and then ignore them and then wonder why they are getting more militant against us.




I’m surprised it’s taken this long…


Bring back the old wild west practice of duels. These two disturbed men face one another with a weapon of choice. One or both are mortally wounded. The feud is over. The world populations are spared to find more peaceful ways of living.


Woman in the kitchen, man it the palace
Worshiping the performance of the phallus
Gaming for power till their hearts grow callous
As if a human’s just and animal with mallous
Limp lanced Phal-o-crat, finger on the trigger
Go ahead and stay small while everything gets bigger
It’s a bully’s game and I don’t want to play
Why don’t you think about a better way?"

from Bruce Cockburn’s
"We Need to Put Our Hearts Together"


Learn to recognize a ‘snark’. That one was pretty blatant.