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Playing Role of Pesticide 'Cheeleader,' EPA Rebukes Calif. With Ban on Warning Labels for Roundup

Wow, these people are pure evil. One thing to fail to regulate, quite something else to go out of your way like Andrew Shitwheeler is doing to let companies know that labeling is unnecessary and insist they not do it. This is unbelievable. The Trump Administration has effectively turned the EPA into the Pollutant Protection Agency whose job appears to be to protect industry and polluters instead of the public. It’s like when Barr is effectively acting like Trump’s personal attorney instead of the attorney of the US whose job it is to protect the public, not the POTUS and uphold the law. We are really turning into a fascist shithole.

That Glysophate is non-cancerous is a completely politically motivated decision not based on an iota of science. In fact, all actual facts and science (which seem to be irrelevant to this fascist Administration). point to the contrary. The document the EPA used to make that determination was done by Monsanto itself. The fact that the EPA is going out of its way to push glysophate is very scary. Dark times are ahead. Climate change, growing inequality, massive pollution, war and conflict around every corner. When is this gonna end?


Under the ChristoNazi Trump-Pence Regime, “EPA” now stands for “Ecocide Perpetuation Agency.”


With our near term extinction.


I’m just checking, let’s see… oh shit!

Science is finally leading the way.

That is because farmers know how safe glyphosate is and that it works.

Oh yes glysophhate is good for you. You definitively should believe a study based on questionnaires sent to people and self reporting and with some rather shady methods over all the dozens of others that show that glysophate is harmful. I mean who do you think funds these studies or the agencies that order them? Big agriculture. The whole point of the US Farm study is to lie to people that pesticides and herbicides are not bad for you or the environment. But hey, have a chug full of glysophate then to prove the point but be sure to swallow and dont pull an Obama in Flint who merely wet his lips from the lead laden water to “prove” that it was safe.

Lol, do you ever listen to yourself? Who would want to fund a study for someone elses product? Only someone that has something to prove. Like an organic organization that claims there is glyphosate in children’s cereal. Sure and you can reach your daily limit if you eat fifty boxes a day as well. As for drinking it? Sure i will as soon as you eat a pound of salt, tell me where you want to meet.