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Playing Tough: Baltimore's So-Called Justice System Takes Revenge On Those Questioning Its So-Called Justice


Playing Tough: Baltimore's So-Called Justice System Takes Revenge On Those Questioning Its So-Called Justice

Ruthlessly wielding its power over the uppity poor folk who dared to take to the streets to challenge it, Baltimore law enforcement officials have come down insanely hard on protesters, suspending habeus corpus to prolong holding uncharged suspects, setting wildly excessive bail amounts - $500,000 for the 18-year-old kid widely seen smashing the state in the form of a cop car - and disappearing at least one peaceful activist, on live TV yet. The abuses - irony alert - help shine a spotlight on what sparked such rage in the first place: The broken, venal system, said one public defender, is "the story of how Baltimore works.”


So the cops get paid suspension and an 18 year old gets bail set at 500k? America needs to wake up and start empting the jails and fill them with judges and cops. If they keep acting like this, that will soon be what they prey for, because soon they will follow these slimey POS’s home and give them street justice where they sleep.


The only way to make people safe in Baltimore is to suspend the police department and require the rest of the injustice fascists to get off the streets before dark. In all seriousness though, police should never be allowed out without a few citizens to train them how to behave.


Don’t say ‘the system is broken.’ It is working exactly as it is designed to work, and for its intended purposes. There can be no justice within such a system; it must be overthrown, or-- far more likely in this case-- its inevitable collapse must be survived.


In time there will be millions paid out in damages to people who have had their rights violated. This will come from the pockets of taxpayers and will result in cuts to spending on homelessness , schools and other social programs which in turn will lead to more outrage by those living in poverty.

Public officials MUST be held accountable and those fines paid must come out of the pockets of the police and their unions and their pension plans first and foremost.

Meanwhile in the state of Oklahoma bill 2206 has been proposed. This would make lawmakers immune to prosecution for corruption or other such crimes handled at the local level unless said prosecution done by the Attorney General, the same person those legislators appoint to office.


IHMO these acts are sanctioned lynchings by police. Every one of these individuals is a danger to society and should be locked away.