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Playing Trump for Peace


Playing Trump for Peace

John Feffer

When, in early March, Donald Trump agreed to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the Washington foreign policy elite nearly suffered a collective heart attack.


To the Korean people, please make peace. Show us how it is done. Aren’t you tired of being pawns? Let your DMZ become your entire peninsula. I wish you nothing but peace and unity. I trust you to find your solutions and hope (naively) that my country lets you proceed.


I, for one, believe that Trump will never attend this meeting.

The mentality of him and his ilk know that there’s no money in peaceful relations with North Korea.

As a Peacenik from the 60’s, I do not believe Trump has “one” peace-loving bone in his body.


North Korea is worth trillions of untapped minerals. So far no country rich in natural resources has escaped the war machine.
In Kim gives up his nukes there will be regime change followed by exploitation of land and people.


We can thank the US administration for pressuring China to blockade the North Korean crime family and getting agreement from the South to push “maximum pressure” on this totalitarian. After 25 years of “strategic appeasement,” we finally have a plan.


US policy has failed to make us safer or improve human rights because we falsely believed that what is bad for North Korea is good for the US. North Korea has offered to have a peace treaty all along. They do not want war. They are not stupid. They have been forced to maintain a deterrence because the US has never realized that the right to govern themselves has been part of Korean DNA, especially since the Japanese occupation.

Is there any rational person who really believes that the US can take over North Korea? Certainly we could bomb them to rubble like we did in the Korean War, but then how would we win the hearts and minds of the people who believed that their leader was keeping them safe from “the enemy?” War is not likely to improve our situation. It’s time to change from militarization and sanctions to peace and good relations. Surely the world can see that our current relationship with Vietnam is better now than when Americans and Vietnamese were dying during the war.

The US must stop trying to figure out if when or how reunification could take place. That is for Koreans to figure out. If the US stops threatening North Korea I think it will be easy to see that North Korea does not want to bomb the US. Denuclearization as a negotiated process is much safer than denuclearization by war. And hopefully the US will be able to see that making peace is more profitable than feeding the military industrial complex.