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Playing with Guns (at the GOP Convention)


Playing with Guns (at the GOP Convention)

Robert C. Koehler

You shouldn’t play with guns, unless you do it the way “Jim” apparently did.

His gun play — a (seemingly) satirical petition at change.org — has enveloped the looming Republican National Convention in Cleveland this summer in awkward surrealism and forced the three Republican presidential candidates to duck for cover from their own words.


It's hard to stay on top of everything happening pertaining to this election cycle, so I'm grateful to CD and Robert Koehler for clearing this one up. And more than that, what an incredibly delightful turn of events.

I can't say for sure if Bernie's campaign helped to spark Jim's creative use of change.org, but it has certainly opened a door to what's possible, and from possibility creativity flows. I'm seeing creative, grassroots action all over the place, individual action again, again, and again. It looks like the revolution Bernie is calling for is beginning to materialize by taking on attributes of a real movement and not just a campaign.

I'm a non-violent person, but it's hard not seeing the value of allowing guns in the RNC convention, since the GOP beats us over the head with a misinterpretation of the Second Amendment on a daily basis, and more frequently following a gun massacre outside of a war zone. Perhaps a dose of their own medicine would do the trick.

LOVE this article, bob! thank you and "jim" from change.org for the much needed ironic, comic relief amidst this otherwise dismal campaign season.

We the voters are supposed to remain safely ensconced in our role not as participants in the country’s future but as consumers of our favorite brand of election-year bullshit.

exactly! and your conclusion is spot on. people are seeking leadership to tell us what to do, but a little imaginative innovation may just do the trick. after all "democracy" means the people, not the oligarchs rule!

And then, I guess, we’re supposed to arm ourselves. But I say there’s a difference between being armed and being empowered. Just ask Jim.


This is just plain fun! Stirring the pot with the candidates pandering messages is a wonderful way to exploit the fundamental flaws of the Pavlovian conditioning that these guys have been using for decades.
High Noon. Hooray for Jim for being the fastest gun!


And if they are willing to take the "principled stand" of revealing their "2A" hypocrisy to the whole world, then maybe a gesture of gratitude is in order.

Since the mean ol' SS won't allow guns, how about issuing everyone a petard?


Hail Jim!


God Bless Jim!


Non-lethal weaponry has advanced to the point that it is nearly as effective as guns in stopping someone. But I suppose that testosteronics enjoy the loud shots and spattering guts that guns produce. Maybe someone will come up with a loud non-lethal weapon that looks like a dick and shoots red paint.

Some rednecks deck out their pickups with soot producing, noise producing pipes to "annoy a liberal". So like with electric cars and Priuses vs noisy, polluting vehicles, even if non-lethal weapons are as good as guns, they won't annoy liberals as much.


"In the World’s Greatest Pseudo-Democracy that is America, presidential candidates can say anything they want because it’s all a show, it’s all a game. Our quadrennial presidential election has essentially nothing to do with reality because the country is run by a military-industrial corporatocracy which has, over the last seven decades, constructed a parallel infrastructure that can’t be touched by “the people.” This has given the Republicans, in particular, plenty of leeway to pander for votes with policy positions and vacuous blather that appeal at the level of junior high consciousness."

Hallelujah! By Jove, you've got it, Koehler.


Let them carry at the convention and pay for private security. After all the Secret Service is a socialist big government organization. Why should my tax dollars be spent protecting these men?


Jim has earned his epic-level troll badge, and my undying admiration.

I signed this in the 24th thousand because an armed angry mob is a polite angry mob, or something like that :slight_smile:

Indeed, the delegates fully deserve the honor of doing their job in front of an audience of their constituents.


Absolutely! The GOP needs a well regulated militia to maintain order and safety during the convention. The Secret Service needs to step aside, get out of the way, and let the real patriotic oath keepers manage the situation.


The cant of their convictions

And convention


So it was intended to LOL! Kinda too bad. I was hoping for the "Darwin Effect" to take place. Durn! :- )