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'Playtime is Back': Trump Executive Actions Hand Wall Street Another Win


'Playtime is Back': Trump Executive Actions Hand Wall Street Another Win

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

In yet another Wall Street giveaway, President Donald Trump on Friday afternoon took executive action to chip away at Dodd-Frank financial regulations and roll back rules aimed at reducing corporate tax avoidance.


Eliminating consumer protections and instituting big tax cuts will only produce a bubble and then a crash, and as the Donald said during the campaign he loves a crash! That way he can buy up assets and property at fire sale prices. How can republicans continually whine about the federal debt and then propose tax cuts ? This has never worked. You can go all the way back to Harding, Reagan, and Bush 2. They cut taxes, blow up the deficit, and create a recession/depression.


I can only wonder what disasters need to happen for Americans to unite as one and do what needs to be done to get rid of all these deadwood Republicans and Democrats. We need to rise out of the ashes with a government that works for all citizens. We can at least stop fighting with each other and start with money since tmoney is the root of it.
We need to examine the corporations, banks, stores, politicians, etc..that we are supporting. We need to take the time to do real research on all of it through all sites available instead of only the main stream media. It starts with every individual getting fully informed and taking action with our wallets, contacts, letters and actions. Good luck to us all.


They are hardly "deadwood" - especially to business interests...


Sadly, if We the People are willing to let this two-bit grifter sign away all of our wealth and power to his owners and supporters, doing nothing to stop it, then I guess we will just get what we deserve.
* However, I still retain a faint hope that the People will awaken and remove this criminal enterprise.
* Then comes the big task of rebuilding a Constitutional Republic, with safeguards built in that will make this sort of giveaway to the filthy rich and corrupt impossible.
* One thing that will really help to accomplish this goal is for We the People to force the government to declare Peace! Close the 700 bases that infest nations around the world. Reduce the Wehrmacht to a defense force, adequate to repel an attack on our shores. With half the money saved, we could rebuild and repair most of the damage we have done to the world and its many peoples. The other half could rebuild the Fourth Reich into the United States of America, whose main goal is to protect and aid its citizens.
* Remember, taxes do not belong to the government, to use as they wish. Taxes are to be held in trust, used to ensure that the people can remain healthy, have employment, a place to live and raise their families.
* If this were done, the tax burden of the average family would probably be halved, living wages would no longer be a rarity, and the nation's infrastructure could be rebuilt.


Naomi Klein's "Disaster Capitalism" explains it. The WS Casino and its banking oligarchy's New World Order, has big plans. With its loans, political bribes collateral requirements and promises of corporate jobs now disappeared, it now owns much of the island of Puerto Rico, its latest victim.

Direct Democracy


The next financial melt-down? When, not if.

The next bail out that saves and re-enriches Wall Street? When, not if.

The duopoly's role in the entire charade? A built-in feature, not a flaw.


I agree with the sentiment, but I'm wondering who you think we should contact with our letters and actions. Ask yourself if protests ever have worked. (Even the massive anti-Vietnam War protests went on for almost a decade, and were only indirectly responsible.) Show me a significant victory that has occurred since.

As for our wallets, most of us who abhor what's going on have almost no disposable income with which to make any dent in the system should we decide to stop purchasing what they are selling. Besides, industrialism and globalism has made doing so irrelevant; the good is tied up with, and dependent upon, the bad, in a web that is too complex to unravel at this point.

What has to change are our basic values, and if you drive a car or ever eat at a fast food franchise or drink a soda (even a natural one from a health food store. Have you ever thought about the sugar industry or what it took to mine and smelt the metals for the can or the coloring or the transportation to get it to a
store near your or the drive in your personal internal-combustion-powered vehicle to take it home...?), for example, you are part of the problem. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.


I think it is time to sharpen the pitchforks and STORM the WHITE HOUSE folks...
my husband who can hardly walk says he is going to any big protest there is...
we don't have a car...if it is in D.C. it will take 8+ hours back and forth to get there..
I said it would be bad for his back, but he said he feels he MUST go...
we have to have MILLIONS in the streets...
refusing to buy (in big numbers)
& on a related area, in terms of showing the the Trash team is: cockroaches,
Sessions has insulted the country AGAIN, (after Goebbels/like calling immigrants: "filth"...
by calling a Federal Judge. a "judge sitting on a Pacific Island" (daring ) to stop Trash. on his immigrant ban..
That "Pacific Island" is H.A.W.A.I.I.
last I looked, it was part of the United States.


I agree...we MUST do everything and anything we can...
these cockroaches love war so much...
well they got one: with the American people!....
we have to mobilize as in wartime, or there will be no country left.
I am going to a meeting tomorrow to strategize for a Mother's Day protest: with CodePink
it is for money for nature and nurturing...for education/ housing/ environment/ children/elderly/
mental health/
instead of bomb, bombs, bombs....in Battery Part/NYC ..check out at: Codepink.org
and by the way: Trump Advisor Carl Icahn has a company lawyer who has connections to
a group with attachments to ISIS..
trying to have a coup in Indonesia....report is on Democray Now.org 4/21/17


In thinking about it more closely, it wasn't the massive protests that ended the Vietnam War. Despite turning popular sentiment against the war, what ended it were the demonstrations by returning Vietnam vets and--especially--the publication of the Pentagon Papers.

I'll say it again. Demonstrations, protests, boycotts, letter-writing-campaigns (including and especially, email campaigns) do not work, except for allowing the people involved to blow off some steam. I'm not suggesting that someone who wants to should not do those things, but they should at least know that their efforts will have no tangible effects.


Again, like in the post above, I don't doubt your sincerity. But, someone, please tell me. What does mobilizing "as in wartime" actually look like in this case? What exactly should we do to change things?


You should definitely just stay home and spend your time commenting.


Fuck you.

That's my comment, asshole.


Yeah, like that.


Love your post, but for the sake of a few laughs, I present a protest victory that occurred since Viet Nam:

With the support of astro-turf funding from the likes of the Koch Bros, the ostensibly grass-roots movement known as the Tea Party blind-sided the feckless, over-confident 'Talk Big, Do Little' Obama-led D-Party, subverting even the very slight accomplishments they had in mind.

Then, in a take-no-prisoners onslaught, they initiated a sweeping string of electoral victories that brushed aside moderate Republicans, as well as Blue Dog and other Democrats. The culmination of their protest march has been the installment of the hard-core Freedom Caucus and the tragi-comic crowning of Clown Prince Trump.

Now ironically, as a direct outgrowth of the Tea Party, we have Indivisible, modeled in their image and practicing the same direct action game plan in reverse.

Much ado about nothing in many respects--the duopoly remains in place for political window dressing--but Republicans have certainly captured government and the inept, corporate-friendly Democrats have been exposed as accomplices in the their own fate. Representing nothing outside a 'we're not republicans' patina, they flail outside of sucking in donations.

Anyhoo, just thought I'd throw that out there.


Also, forget Williamson, and sink little emotional energy into any other commenter here.

It's just the internet, Riz.


The only draining Trump is doing is of the treasury right into the pockets of the bankers and corporations.


There is no way that i will ever vote for Trump again.
And from what citizens are saying, it looks like Republicans ate going to LOSE BIG in 2018


I'm curious. Why did you vote for him in the first place?

(For about seven seconds, I considered voting for him. I knew what Clinton would do if she got in, so I wasn't going to vote for her. I thought maybe his election might be enough to mobilize a true opposition movement, so I thought maybe his coronation might push things in that direction. So far, nothing. In the end, I wound up not voting.)