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‘Please do not feed the animals’: Oklahoma GOP Compares Food Stamp Recipients to Park Animals


‘Please do not feed the animals’: Oklahoma GOP Compares Food Stamp Recipients to Park Animals

Peter Van Buren

In America, we have a very crude understanding of social welfare programs. For most Americans, anything the government gives to its people (i.e., us) to keep us healthy, fed and educated, is a “handout” to lazy people who don’t deserve it.

Helping each other, using our tax money for us, as does most of the civilized world, is somehow wrong. In America, we’d prefer you starve to death, quietly if possible, as the rest of us are binge watching Netflix whilst eating Doritos.

Doritos we worked for, dammit. Albeit at our minimum wage jobs at Walmart, but whatever.


Yeah all of those bears and coyotes in those National parks have bank accounts and credit cards. They go to work each day to earn these things and when hungry they pay for it just like those hard working Americans!


Recall the Raygun era mantra "GET RICH OR GET OFF" ?


but no mention of corporate welfare animals.
Krishnamurti: “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”


Bye, bye Bill and Hill.
- Progress


I am 65 years old. I have been disabled for 23 years. I have been receiving Social Security Disability Insurance for 23 years. I am pond scum, I am disposable, I am a throw-a-way human, I am invisible. I have been living on less than 1100 or less a month for 23 years. I cannot get proper healthcare because I cannot afford the co-pays, the state pays my drug benefit co-pay so I can stay addicted to morphine. For 23 years the gop has been attacking me and my former friends that claim to be repug's do not understand why I told them to go to hell. Today I have 100 dollars until the 3 of May. I am pond scum in america because I am disabled and poor. This is frickin' insane.


And the Repugnacant Party is shocked that the racist Trump has usurped their organization.
I don't know where to begin so I will just stop there!


'A very large percentage of food stamp recipients are children (“cubs”),
the elderly, and disabled people. Maybe it’s time to thin the herd."

I wish I understood what was intended her by 'thin the herd.' Sounds too much like a call for genocide but that doesn't fit the tone of the article. Clearly I am missing the point. Help, anyone?


Sarcasm I assume.


This is what authoritarianism looks like. It's who we are, and we need to understand it well if we're to overcome it.

The very readable Bob Altemeyer. Here's his comment on Trum's supporters.


What do the Clintons have to do with these vile comments by the Republicans?

Oh that's right - pointing out how vile the lunatic Republicans are make me a "Hillary lover".


Actually, it is what "libertarianism" looks like. Stupendous wealth alongside starving poor poeple is what liberty looks like!


Fine. If "dependence of government" bothers these people so much, and their capitalist bosses (most SNAP recipients who are not disabled work) won't provide them the means to not be "dependent on government", they should simply steal the food they need. But don't be a lone wolf about it. Organize and come into the super market in groups of 50 or more and take what you need and promptly get out. The cops can't arrest everyone...


In an Orwellian redefinition of "liberty", yes. I prefer to use "libertarian" in it's non-nord-americano (and original) meaning of libertarian socialist.