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"Please Forgive Me," Said Elijah McClain As Three Cops Murdered Him

I take your point, but without smartphones, we would not know the disturbing details about most of the police killings. Be careful what you wish for.

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Performance problems have three causes: ‘can’t, won’t, or don’t know how.’ Institutional Training can only fix ONE of these issues.

To begin fixing systemic issues, recognize that the policy makers also need to be held accountable.

Whenever ‘training’ is cited as an excuse, my bile surges, because I smell dodging responsibility.

“Telling” and handing out written rules is not training. Training only occurs when LEARNING can be verified, when management doesn’t present obstacles, and where punishment, including peer pressures and rewards, do not work against the training or policy. So hiring and management practices are also on the hook.

The hierarchy needs to be roasted. Not just the perps.


Hi webwak:
Maybe !anguage is the prob!em----hopefu!!y po!ice know what "HUMAN RIGHTS " are----
but it seems the Police RITES of crowd control are !acking. P!EASE America—no more wasting of money and sending Cops in America to Israel for training! : (


Until the supervision hierarchy is included in “before the fact” root cause accountability— with penalties— nothing will change.


The two novice cops fired in the Floyd case point a high probability guilty finger at inadequate supervision AND training, not necessary at a ‘bad cop.’ This case also points up the food chain.

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Yeah, police have reached that point where they are unable to cope and society at large is in the same boat.

It seems now the powers that be try to exclude many/most people with a conscience. Only neoliberals seem welcome. As shown by the presidential candidates this time around.

and while we’re at it, how about elect some actual humans into seats of high governance, who won’t support all the racism, corruption, and brutality.

We desperately need good people but they have to be powerfully motivated and willing to put up with a lot of crap.

Its striking that Elijah Mc Cain seems as if he paraphrased what Jesus (if he existed) was supposed to have said when he was on the cross. He said “Father forgive them, for they know not what they do” - as they were killing him.

There is justice in America. His name is God. God knows who these three cops are and has prepared a place specifically for murderers, killers, and those who shed innocent blood. It’s called Hell and those that go there will spend eternity being tormented for their deeds done here on earth. No one gets past God. NO ONE!

It does, doesn’t it.

I’m not sure I’m following. Could you say more?

But is the problem with the “try them” part, or with the “convict them” part et seq.?

In other words, try them but never convict any of them?

Kind of like running candidates on platforms that cant be implemented?

You’re right, that might be a problem, and when they are guilty, its one that has to stop.

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So how do we make it stop?


Is joke, yes? I’d be surprised if the people who acquit killer cops have any altruism in them.

Talk about gang violence----look how they gunned down Tamir Rice! Every American should hear the full video of what these thugs did.—it is being cut —THE PEOPLE WHO CLEARED THESE OFFICERS SHOULD BE HELD TO ACCOUNT!--------the shot they gave him was meant for a 300lb man—this young man Elijah McClain weighed about 150----DN

This was murder-----why was he given this shot???

Exactly. Armed gangs of uniformed thugs are roaming our streets killing people.

Plus “excited delirium” is NOT in the DSM, and even if it were, how the eff are cops authorized to make a medical diagnosis, in a minute, on the street, and then administer a highly risky drug as “medical” treatment, with grave risk of death? “Excited delirium” is bullshit, it’s attempted justification, and courts should stop accepting it as a defense against murder charges.

Fuck forgiveness. Kill the cops involved and send the caller to jail.

Blood unfortunately.

I literally cried when I saw the video, if it was one of my kids I don’t know if I could survive it…incredably sad and discusting at the same time. How do these cops live with themselves?

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