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'Please... No More Wars': Pope Francis Issues Impassioned Call to End 'Useless Massacres'


'Please... No More Wars': Pope Francis Issues Impassioned Call to End 'Useless Massacres'

Julia Conley, staff writer

In emotional speech at World War II cemetery, Pope decries leaders' inability to learn the lessons of war


Sad to say that Pope Francis’ heartfelt and deeply genuine plea for Peace and diplomacy fall on far too many deaf ears, especially in the “Swamp.”


Pope Francis wrote in the visitors memorial book at the cemetery: " This is the fruit of war: hate,death,vendetta. Forgive us lord."

Too bad the good Pope did not finish his sentence with: AND FORGIVE THE WAR PROFITEERS!


…"for they know not what they do…???


Noble sentiment with which any thinking person has to agree. Unfortunately, leaders of all kinds become so intoxicated and literally addicted to power, control and money that like an addict they can not see the danger and what they are doing to others. And others simply do not matter - the old, the weak, the children are simply collateral damage if in the wrong place at the wrong time and do not matter. Look at the number of deaths this country, supposedly a leader among nations and a force for good, have caused since the mid-40’s. Maybe more or as much as hated dictators such Stalin and Hitler. And it continues sometimes with more intensity than others, but it just never ends. War is simply a literal manifestation of hell on earth and it is embraced.


Frankly, I don’t give a rat’s ass what this or any other pope says. Religion - any religion - has never in history led to salvation but only oppression…


Those ears aren’t deaf, they’re plugged with money and the desire for more. The Corporatocracy in the U.S., and around the planet, are engaged in a fight for control of resources and markets. To enrich their stockholders, and/or certain families, at the expense of billions of people. As a %age very few Americans own stocks, let alone people in say, Vietnam or India. Yet, they become cannon fodder for a few elites. With the aid of corrupt institutions and governments completely on the take.
Look to the sale of water rights and water to private interests like Nestle. Aside from distribution issues, which can be settled legally, there’s no good reason to do this, let alone subsidize and privatize it.
This resource inequity will bring a world war and chaos, which Pope Francis speaks to, faster than you can shake a water-witching stick. And, it is coming soon to a neighborhood near you. Whether you like it or not. Whether your portfolio increases or not.


With respect to Francis, they’ve very much learned their lessons. They learned that war makes a sh*tload of money, especially when it “fails”. And when it succeeds, it’s the force that secures other forms of profits by securing cheap resources.

No, pontiff, the ruling class very much knows what it’s doing regarding war. We pay the price. They reap the profits. Capitalism 101.


Well, OK, but… do you think either you or Richard Dawkins could sway all those that continue to look to the Pope for guidance and inspiration? Most of mankind’s institutions have bloody hands, not the least of which is the Roman Catholic Church. But Francis, despite his affiliation and institutional creds, seems to “get” much of what these modern times entail, and is not afraid to speak out about it. Indeed, he seems to understand that he is required or compelled because of his office, to speak about these things.

I’m a true agnostic with a chip on my shoulder the size of a city block against the Catholic church, and I applaud anything the leader of this religious faith can do to advocate for peace. The faithful certainly won’t listen to my ilk.


Even though I am not Catholic, I greatly admire this Pope! He is a credit to his Faith, and to Humanity.


No More War!


“Knowest thou not, there is but one theme for ever-enduring bards? And that is the theme of War, the fortune of battles,. The making of perfect soldiers?” (Walt Whitman)

I was just reading that Pope Francis, the first ever Jesuit pontiff, is facing rebellion and even charges of heresy from within his own church, for the very open-mindedness that many of us here on Common Dreams give him great credit for.

But what really occurs to me , following the Walt Whitman quote, is that there is, and has always been a reason, or perhaps reasons, why soldiers are well thought of.

Unfortunately there really are bad guys out there, and there always have been, even in the days of the tribes, even before that I am sure.

I think back to Jack Nicholson in “A Few Good Men” - “You want me on that wall …”

“Might for right” seems the best we have ever been able to manage - and that rarely.

But right now - talk of peace - religion - very fanciful it seems to me.

We as a species, worldwide, seem now truly unhinged - and getting rapidly worse.

I was brought up Catholic - left it when a teenager - but here’s the rub.

I am Canadian, in western Canada, Calgary actually, and the ‘Jumbo Ski Resort’ in the Kootenay Mountains has just been given the green light by the Supreme Court of Canada - and the vote was not even close.

The spirit of the grizzly bear is involved - the Jumbo area, a magnificent wilderness just now, with glaciated plus three thousand meter peaks, and right on the Yellowstone to Yukon corridor metaphorically, is now up for grabs unless the Trudeau government intervenes.

The way I am seeing it nowadays, despite being an agnostic and a scientist, our last hope seems to revolve around indigenous mystical religious sacred views, while our ultra rational, high tech civilization continues to destroy the only home we have.

What to make of this ?

Is there a reason the Dark Ages happened - and was it in fact a reprieve, in fact, from this now rapidly accelerating descent into hell on Earth, as depicted graphically in the recent essay “The Uninhabitable Earth” (2017)

I have a book on Magna Carta and its historical development, by a Canadian scholar.

What struck me was that the aristocracy functioned in many ways as ‘protector’ of the commons, and when the protection was gone, and the people in charge - well - here we are.

OK - that’s a gross simplification, but it is the gist of the thing - and accurate enough to be troubling.

So here we are, on a rational progressive virtual commons, on a thread about a Pope, and it turns out only religious and indigenous religious views and practices have been able to address our situation.

Politically, and economically, our political economy, as it were, is, at present, in the guise of rampant capitalism, rendering a sustainable planet unsustainable.

And we progressives think we can tweak it and make things better.

But it seems to me at the present time that this view is just as delusional as belief in the Bible, or the creation tales of the indigenous peoples worldwide - but our delusion is self-destructive.

I’m not sure if I am making myself clear ?

Shantianada and nighthawk might find something here to respond to ?


I am paraphrasing, but wasn’t it Marx who said: RELIGION IS THE OPIATE OF THE PEOPLE.


True, this current pope seems to “get” much more of our unfortunate worldly circumstances. If he could and would extend and apply this same awareness to the institution he serves it would probably lead to revolution in the Roman Catholic Church. Of course, that’s not gonna happen
Secular Humanism works for me. Among other things it is based on reason and reasoning. That human ability - to reason - gives us a chance to maybe survive and evolve as a species…


Yes, he did…


Karl Marx was actually sympathetic to why people believed in religion.
The quote goes something like this:
Religion is the sigh of the oppressed, the heart in a heartless world, the soul in soulless conditions, the opiate of the people.



Coca-Cola started the water grab decades ago with their bottling plants around the world with India being hit the hardest driving subsistence farming families into ruin/abject poverty…which continues to the present. It was Nixon who said that water would be the new oil and that was more than two score years ago.




For some reason, I remembered back when I was a kid. We had a War Department” which was not too large or expensive. Its job was to defend the US in case of an attack by an enemy.
*After the war, its name was changed to the Defense Department,” and since then, we have waged war upon many countries, all much weaker than our own, causing the deaths of many millions, around the world, and making the, now, Fourth Reich the most hated terrorist organization in the world. Anyone who tries to defend himself, his family or his country is automatically a “terrorist” and may be droned or shot. Any small nation who does not agree with us, or do what it is told, immediately becomes a “terrorist” nation and subject to attack. I’m told that the profits from these actions are enormous, and far outweigh the “collateral damage” we do to people and nations around the world. So the PTB have no incentive to stop the killing and sit down to negotiate. No profit in that.
*I keep hoping that, somewhere along the line, we will commit our “Poland” and the world will rise up to stop us, but everybody seems so afraid of this rogue nation run amok, that they let it keep on killing and destroying.
*Perhaps soon, We the People will have finally had enough and will rise up to fill in the cesspool that DC has become, and start again with a Constitution and Bill of Rights that has currently been shredded by the Oligarchy and its sock puppets. It was not perfect, but it worked well for over two centuries. What we have in its place may well destroy the world, for profit and power.


It wouldn’t be necessary to take the opiate of religion if there was no oppression, no heartless world, no soulless conditions. Drug use is almost always an escape…