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Please Note: GOP Efforts Making It Harder to Vote Are Illegal

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/06/17/please-note-gop-efforts-making-it-harder-vote-are-illegal

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Make the Supremes Take a Side.

The “supremes” HAVE taken sides, at least since Scalia’s puppet Thomas was installed nearly three decades ago.

Also note that “GOP efforts making it harder to vote are illegal” has been a badge of honor to GOP operatives and their voters at least since Newt’s contract on America a quarter century ago. The GOP voters in my workplace have taken great pride that the GOP gets away with ever more egregious lies and crimes with each passing year since the Newt arrived in DC.

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This is nothing new, the GOP has historically suppressed the vote in past elections and has gotten away with it. They use many artifices such as closing polling places in traditional democratic neighborhoods, added last minute ID requirements to vote, even purchasing these Diebold voting machines so easily hacked ; Diebold being a huge donor to GOP causes and candidates.

When there is no consistent and active opposition to such tactics the just become more and more emboldened.

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“Nothing new” in this context means its been happening for way more than a century.

The people need to demand…ok, I demand they stop. Have they stopped yet?

“Binding treaties”

With brittle twine

Well, we here in Oregon have something that makes the G.O.P. shake with fear and hate - mail-in voting. They know that when all eligible voters are able to vote, they often lose. The American people are often wiser and more socially liberal and fiscally responsibly conservative then the so-called conservatives, who could more accurately be called reactionary and fascist. Both major parties have members who genuinely care about the people, the Constitution and the environment, but the ones in control, like Gatekeeper Moscow Mitch, serve only themselves. They brush off the notion that they work for us so, naturally, they really do not want most of us to vote…especially folk with more melanin in their skins and the remaining survivors of the genocide that started the U.S. in the first place.

In other words, everyone they hate and fear. If we all had mail-in voting and voted these guys would be out of work and charges against them for their many crimes could proceed. Ah, one can only dream…And vote.

please note --that while the Republican voter suppression efforts are illegal–it is the Democrats who have sat on their lazy butts for over 50 years and have done NOTHING about the voter suppression(even engaging in it themselves-to defeat Bernie–twice)–like they went to sleep after passing the VRA and have never woke up

Yes, efforts by the GOP or anyone else to make it difficult to vote constitute an affront to democracy. But for a true democracy our votes have to be meaningful. Unfortunately, preventing our votes from being meaningful is something that both major parties seem to agree on and they cooperate to do exactly that.

At the root of this is the two-party duopoly and the best, if not the only way to put that to rest is to change the way we vote. Maine has changed the way it votes, showing it can be done but unfortunately the path Maine has taken will not likely end the two-party system. Balanced Approval Voting would almost certainly do the job, however.

This site does not seem to allow links. If it did I would provide links in The Fulcrum and at Opednews for further details.

Did you mean to sound so simplistic? Obviously demanding includes actively doing so, voting, protesting, demonstrating. Are you here only to spread negativity?