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Please Note: The 2020 Election Won’t Be Won by Democratic Centrists

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/10/09/please-note-2020-election-wont-be-won-democratic-centrists

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Truer words were never spoken if one assumes that centrist neoliberal DNC/DCCC Republican Lites and interlopers actually want a Democrat to win. To beat Trump who has been showering them with tax cuts and engorging their MIC portfolios. In fact, they’ve been hinting at running Hillary again as Biden fizzles. Does that sound like they really want to win?


Can’t we all just move on and start the civil war? Now excuse me while I go hone the guillotine.


Is it just me or is Robert Reich living on another planet ?

From Planet Earth - this looks like the complete takeover by the preposterous billionaire class.


Tell it to Tom Perez, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and all the other “centrist” (CORPORATE) DemocRATS who will rig the primaries as they did in 2016.


Don’t understand all the trashing by progressive CD readers of Reich’s points in this article. I think he is right on regardless of all the bought-off Dems in control. I’m for Bernie even though I know they will do everything they to take him out.


At the current moment, Warren is favored to win the nomination. This has sparked some consternation among the centrist parts of the Democratic party, even some murmurs from our more well-off donors of going to Trump.

Although I do not define myself as true “leftist” per se (just liberal), I find this quite disappointing. For all the talk about progressives sitting out 2016, the large majority of ex-sanders supporters still set aside their misgivings and supported Hillary Clinton in November. Some did not admittedly, but either way, I would want the center wing of our party to reciprocate should Warren or even Sanders win, for the sake of country and planet.


Reich is exactly right. Everyone wants progressive change, we are just squabbling over the direction.


After the 2020 election all that will be left in the middle of the road is road kill.

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" reclaim our economy and our democracy." – Robert Reich
Not reclaim. Claim. We never had those for us.



Reich is talking about the corrupt sellout “centrist” DINO establishment foisting another (read obama) shill for big-money status-quo and for-profit wars on us. Reich rightly sees the critical need for a massive voter turnout (possible assuming we actually have a true leader of integrity and wisdom to vote for). Reich must see the people’s great enthusiasm and support for Bernie Sanders and his agenda; a person of great integrity who does inspire; who does represent the “little people”, a sustainable future, and a sea-change from the economic oppression and corrupt rule of the uber-wealthy and their puppets!


Reich is right that the centrists can’t win without progressives, but the reverse is true too. The trick is to keep a coalition together. Sone progressives have to face that that many American voters are not ready to totally give up private health insurance, nor have essentially open borders, nor are they hostile to police and keeping order as they perceive far left proposals. In the same way, centrists have to face many voters feel Obamacare is not good enough, we need to do more to protect the environment and combat climate change, and take real action to reduce income inequality. But getting folks to deal with disagreement on these issues is always very hard for the center-left.

Reich: “… we should go back to the way it was before Trump. That’s baloney.”

“back before Trump”? That was 8 years of Obama. Warren is Obama, is Hillary.

The only choice that will make much difference is Sanders.


Ah, 'tis would be nice though not happening. The ‘system’ is so entrenched, so set in its ways that change will be a real struggle. One well worth fighting for so real Americans get something other than survival for ‘working for the man’. "The Man being the ‘establishment’ and the oligarchs controlling the ‘system’; i.e.- the ruling classes. Bernie’s the real man for average folks, like the lower 85% or so, especially the lower 50% like me and so many others. Peace


I agree on the open borders (a true political loser idea), and law and order, as well as gun policies that are too extreme (Beto) or abortion policies that are too extreme. But I will not put single payer health care in this boat. I think this is a matter of education - enough people are sick of their insurance companies (I am) and as long as they know that a) they can keep their same doctor and other health providers, b) those providers will have an easier time dealing with overhead, c) their overall cost burden will go down, d) their paperwork headaches or worry about bankruptcy will vanish, e) the actual public health (outside of a personal interest since many people do care about others to a degree) will improve, then they will be in favor of this change. For people above a certain income threshold and for a certain relatively benign set of medical costs, they will pay more (I may be in this group myself - it depends on the details) and for these people we can still argue that the complexity reduction and altruistic reasons are still positives and can offset some amount of lost money. The truly rich will be against us probably 100% and so we have to fight them tooth and nail. But I won’t concede the point that Single Payer / Medicare For All isn’t an appealing concept for the majority of the US population and I support Bernie Sanders as he is the only candidate (not Gabbard, Yang, or Warren) who is going to fight for Medicare for All and never give up.


Just when you think you know people, Robert Reich turns out to be correct about something.

–not that it matters to the DNC.

But it does make me wonder whether the reason here is not that Elizabeth Warren has now been identified as completely within the neoconservative bag.

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People trash Reich because he was one of those “centrists” he’s belly aching about now. He was slow to take a Progressive view with statements like “anyone but Trump”. Progressives on the other hand would say… “Anyone except the Republicans and Democrats who depend on corporate money to live.”
An example of Reich’s slip ups are… “All the babble about moderate or left assumes we’re back in the old politics where the central question was the size of government.” Actually the “Left” refers to people whose primary concern was social justice and equity rather than the size of government. The ‘size of government’ was a weak argument by corporate America because they wanted less enforcement of corporations.
Another misread on Reich’s part is his quote… “Trump’s followers don’t see he’s really a tool of the oligarchy, doing their bidding, reorganizing America so they accumulate even more wealth and power.” He is right that many Trump followers don’t see Trump as a friend of the ‘establishment’, but that’s why they voted for him. Right or wrong, Trump voters saw someone who wasn’t a member of the corporate owned politicians. Until we can get politicians talking about social justice and equity, no one will be happy with the poor choices that corporate America offers us every time an election appears.
Reich seems to have turned the corner and I am happy that he has ‘seen the light’, but you can also understand why so many are suspicious of him due to his allegiance to the Blue Dog Democrats earlier in his career.


Reich, once part of the Clinton neoliberal cabal seems to have learned!!! It maybe too little too late, but he learrned

Now if only the Wall Street “Democrat” ‘leadership’ crowd can manage to actually learn

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The middle of the road is for Yellow lines and dead armadillos

  • Jim Hightower

What we need in Bernie’s hard LEFT turn

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