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Please Send Help: Scumbag Rick Scott Makes "Hostage" Video and Nobody's Laughing

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/01/29/please-send-help-scumbag-rick-scott-makes-hostage-video-and-nobodys-laughing

The problem is not so much that it is that corrupt scumbags like this exist as much as it is corrupt scumbags like this are elected to Political office.

Somebody voted for this shithead and if it because “the other guy even worse” then it a systemic issue with the Political system.

You got Trump because Hilary was seen as that bad. Put another Hilary up there against Trump and Trump or his ilk win again.

Who did Scott run against. ? Why was that person nominated to run against Scott ?


Is Rick Scott the problem or is it the people who voted for him? Is it the two party system that is supposed to actually represent the interests of over 300 million people as if that is possible?


Well, Florida will be on the bottom of the ocean by the end of the century. Do climate deniers float?


So absurd, post natal abortions for the elected(really?) republicans, start from the top down!

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It was a very close vote, as always in Florida… close enough to be suspicious for some of us. Bill Nelson (the opponent) wasn’t the greatest, but certainly better than Skeletor Scott.


If you look at the Red/Blue map, it is deceiving. It is a heavily gerrymandered state, especially along what is called “the I-4 corridor” where most of the blue should be.


I keep coming back to the mammon-deity of economic “theory” of pre-adolescent premises basing a “system” on the wiggly fingered notion that you can plunder, kill, extract and deny in order to steal from the well being of the planet… and do so without consequences.
Necessary to state at this point is that not only does the entire world suffer when subjected to this juggernaut, but those who “profit” from it internalize the full spectrum dominance of ALL of the distortions, the feedback loops and insanity that, knowing nothing else, then enter intensification according to dynamics laid out by the Exponential Function.

Look at McConnell, Scott, and many others like Biden, Bloomberg et al. Like wheeled wind-up toys over-charged against a brick wall… spinning nooses.


The ONLY way scum like Scott can be elected is because of the flaws in our electoral system as a whole and the fact that factor #1 in U.S. elections is … CASH! Scot, a criminal, could hide the truths and get away with it, plus produce so many ads as to overwhelm his so-called Democratic opposition.
Take the $$ out of the system, and there is NO WAY he could be elected dog-catcher.


Not to mention, he would frighten the dogs.

I remember when he was governor thinking “Damn I miss Jeb”. That is how bad he was.


One thing I can’t agree with is that The People Elected Them.

Having worked in elections and having lived in so many places that hinder or cheat at voting, I cannot honestly say “These People were Elected”

There is so much effort at gerrymandering, skewing the vote and actually cheating with ballot fraud, why would we take for granted “The People Elected them”

Try living in Ohio, Chicago, Mississippi, Alabama, and those are just the few that I have personally seen Voter Fraud

And the fraud I have witnessed is intrenched political fraud of those currently holding office or trying “at all cost” to take office.

But, it is not some poor disenfranchised victim just trying to vote.


Understood, but this guy ran a company that was guilty of fraud. Why was he even on the ballot and why would people EVER consider voting for him? At the end of the day whether there gerrymandering going on not material. There were people in the millions that voted for this guy.

The state of Florida does not allow convicted felons to vote , yet at the same time corrupt CEOS of Corporations that defraud the Public can run for office.


Not only did this sh*theel not do any prison time for overseeing the largest Medicare fraud to date, he is a “senator.” Exceptional (country).


G-L: Good question. Seems like millions around the world (not just in the U.S.) resonate with the far-right.

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Gollum(Scott), like tRump, was elected because he had an ® after his name.