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Please Send Knee Pads: Lapdog Pence Gives Boot-Licking A Bad Name, and We Are All Doomed

Please Send Knee Pads: Lapdog Pence Gives Boot-Licking A Bad Name, and We Are All Doomed

Make America Gag Again. Because passage of the God-awful GOP tax scam wasn't enough travesty, Dear Leader and his unholy sycophants held a cabinet meeting - aka ritual genuflection to ass-kissing, ignorance and greed - to celebrate. First, the Narcissist-In-Chief gloated and lied. Then Ben Carson said grace to thank his sick cult "willing to face the winds of controversy." Then Mike "Lickspittle" Pence said THANK YOU OH DEAR ONE for fighting for "the forgotten men and women of America (who) are forgotten no more." Instead, we do hope they'll be out soon in the streets, with pitchforks.


yes kneepads are the fashion statement for this W.H. the really thick comfy ones because they are on them 24/7, how pence can face himself in the mirror in the morning is beyond me…he has been neutered, just when you think they can stoop no lower, they plummet new depths of depravity and greed.

It is hard to think of them as humans let alone Americans, there is something deeply wrong and disturbing going on with this W.H. they continually spout the slogan “make america great again” while dissmantling every thing about america that makes it great, it is no surprise that this is trumps agenda he has allways been aout himself and himself only, what is surprising and trully troubling is how quicklly and completly the rest of the party donned said kneepads, I would of hoped that at least a few would grow a pair and stand up and denouance the hypocrassy , how naive am I?

this is not going to end well for the U.S. the rest of the world is watching this insane clown posse and seeing them for what they are, a bunch of corrupt, greedy (beyond belief) hucksters and scam artists, who only care about what they can grab for themselves, and there corporate masters, they are beyond sleazy, and beyond criminal, there actions are treasonas, and they have become trumps whores, with respect to regular whores whom at least earn there money honestlly.

you can tell by looking at a lot of them standing behind trump as he trys out his best Mussolini pout and chin stretch that they cant stand the asshole , yet they are all adjusting there comfy new kneepads and slathering on the lip gloss in the hope of getting an "attaboy " and a new pen from trump after he signs another phony "presedentiall " edict.

things are going to get a lot worse real quick.


Absolutely disgusting abasement by these Trump-whores. It reminded me sharply of old videos of Hitler and his boot-licking sycophantic underlings who deferred to him in a sickening display of obsequiousness as they followed him around like little trained lapdogs, eyes aglow with adoration. Power and bullies draw the weak to them like flies to shit - which explains this disgusting display, and says all we need to know about the slime in Congress right now, and the 1/3 of this country that worships Trump. It is a frightening indictment about the state of this country and its citizens, that there are SO many that are so weak and feeble-minded that they are drawn to a wicked authoritarian bully and sneer at class, wisdom, character, kindness, and true leadership. It does not bode well for our future.


Ahhh…The KowTow

The “Assume the Position” Debasement Required of all those Who Sell their Souls.

You Guys here all focus on Pence, but as a Jesuit trained Catholic, I marvel at Paul Ryan.

I mean, I know the Tenets of Catholicism and find it Incomprehensible to the see the Glee with which Mr Ryan Excels at his Whoredom.

Whether one accepts all the Teaching of the Church, the Church does quite a good job of instilling a fundamental Fear of Loosing Soul while practicing the Deeds of the Darkness.

How does one simply throw the Poor, the Weak, the Sick and Infirm, to the Curbside as if they mean Nothing.

All for MONEY…MONEY, I’m Sick of It…MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. Got Enough YET!

These are our Families, our Brothers, Sisters, Parents. Someones Grandmother.
A fricking old lady, just stripped of her Healthcare, and her Social Security now in the Crosshairs.

And Mr Ryan Smiles and Smiles and Smiles, Peeing in his Pants Smiling.


“In every age, it has been the tyrant, the oppressor and the exploiter, who has wrapped himself in the cloak of patriotism, or religion, or both, to deceive and overawe the People.”
–Eugene Victor Debs


“Please Send Knee Pads” … and a bucket to barf in!

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I know I get It
My Blinders adjustment came during Vietnam

It just never ceases to amaze me the Depths Of Depravity

It’s like watching Silence of the Lambs

One should just shut it off and read Victor Hugo to Strengthen the Spirit

Or reread that Letter from Birmingham Jail to sharpen one’s Perspective

Yes! Victor Hugo – we are desperately in need of a revolution with guillotines! Let all the narcissistic hoarding dregs in America EAT CAKE; preferably cake that has been laced with rat poison!


“Ben Carson Says Grace Before Mike Pence Eats Trump’s Ass.” “Carson thanked…we guess God, though we suspect she’s just not that into them. . . .”

Though the tone of the “Knee Pads,” “Lapdog,” “Boot-Licking” article was warranted, Abby Zimet’s insertion of her extreme personal bias, slanted vision, and wholly inciting religious propaganda was not. By purposely referring to God as a woman (“she’s”), Zimet outed herself as a hypocrite willing to abuse her position – as much as any of them in the article.

Reminder to the willfully Blind:

“Our Father which art in heaven. . . .”
“For God so loved the world, that He gave his only begotten Son. . . .”
"[In] the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. . . ."

Something inspired by The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (without bias):

It’s just that he keeps bragging about being Catholic

I don’t know where he trained but it’s no Theology I remember

Stiff the Poor and take it All for yourself

Have you checked with your Shepard at the Vatican lately

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I have a sharpening stone we could use

I also believe in the Goddess, and if you remember … Constantine got the Druids to convert to Catholicism by promising to make their deities saints. To me that means the Goddess is even more powerful than God; and since God gave us Jesus b/c He loved us then I truly do believe that He does not see any one of us as a hypocrite.


There is something about sharpening a tool with a whet stone that is so satisfying … you are purposefully making the decision to use that object and preparing it for the job at hand.

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All life comes via the womb

Think that is kinda “an important data point”

Course God is a lot like ones Mom

She loves us anyway


And when ‘Mom’ gets mad no one is left unscathed :hugs:

My aunt used this poem to describe me:

There once was a girl with a curl
Right in the middle of her forehead
And when she was good she was very, very good
But when she was bad, she. was. horrid!

It takes quite a lot to make me angry, but when that happens look out!

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I was not expecting any support for my comment in this forum. And, it is a strong rule to rarely respond to absolutely ridiculous responses. But, since yours was so deeply ludicrous, something must be said. Firstly, whether or not you “believe in the Goddess,” if you were a Staff Writer like Abby Zimet and you included the same bias/propaganda into your article, you would be just as guilty as her. Secondly, the equation of Constantine and Druids history resulting as your proof/validation that “the Goddess is even more powerful than God” is so far beyond all reason and lucidity that I am uncertain as to whether or not any level of Higher Learning could ever get through. Yet, as short as possible, there is only One God (as well as One Creator and One Father). Period. Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” There was no other God. There can be only one God. In the simplest of terms and mental acuity, at least try to “get it.” Finally, your comment that “since God gave us Jesus b/c He loved us then I truly do believe that He does not see any one of us as a hypocrite” was one of the most ill-informed and overall illiterate responses I have ever seen. How many times were hypocrites referenced in the Old Testament? How many times in the New Testament (by Jesus Christ, alone)? If you ever cared to read, or basically fact check something out of your range, before spouting nonsense, you might find volumes of infallible information – beyond the earth is flat-type lunacy.

There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy.

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Proverbs 26:4-5

There is no good way to answer fools when they say something stupid. If you answer them, then you, too, will look like a fool. If you don’t answer them, they will think they are smart.

Proverbs 26:12

Seest thou a man wise in his own conceit? there is more hope of a fool than of him.

Khalil Gibran

The fool sees naught but folly; and the madman only madness. Yesterday I asked a foolish man to count the fools among us. He laughed and said, “This is too hard a thing to do, and it will take too long. Were it not better to count only the wise?”

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Well said!

Lyin’ Ryan better call his doctor because the Cialis-like induced erection from this “triumph of tyranny” will last at the very least until New Year’s.

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A red velvet cake with ricin-laced icing…Yum.