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Please Send Knee Pads: Lapdog Pence Gives Boot-Licking A Bad Name, and We Are All Doomed

To “a Jesuit trained Catholic”:

You ignore one who believes “the Goddess is even more powerful than God” and criticizes a Christian’s perspective, but attempt to one-up that very Christian’s undeniable defense with an irrelevant quote (regarding context) – after posting your religiously-themed diatribe, constantly emphasizing your Catholicism.

What is the key? Your Ego?

Whatever the reasons (that’s plural), you obviously missed a few (morals and ethics) classes – for your dark and uncalled-for action against me nullified every point you were trying to make against them.

Matthew 7:15-16
Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves. Ye shall know them by their fruits.

Romans 16:17-18
I appeal to you, brothers, to watch out for those who cause divisions and create obstacles contrary to the doctrine that you have been taught; avoid them. For such persons do not serve our Lord Christ, but their own appetites, and by smooth talk and flattery they deceive the hearts of the naive.

No further responses are to be given, as the truth has prevailed.

Red velvet – wouldn’t the prictator just love that!?

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Ahhh, dear Wind if your comments are an example of God on Earth I do not want to be one. Further, your attitude is driving away those who might consider accepting Jesus as their Savior out of fear that God is as judgemental as your comments indicate. And yes, I understand that you believe you are right b/c you know the Bible and have a personal relationship with God the Father, and His Son Jesus Christ. Indeed, there was a time many years ago that I accepted Jesus as my Savior and did my very best to live a life that Jesus and God would look approvingly on. That changed when my youngest son who was 6 at the time, was allowed to join the youth choir of the church we attended … he got to sing in front of the congregation one time, but evidently his presence there upset someone in the congregation b/c the ministers told us that Jonathon could not sing in front of the congregation b/c HIS RETARDATION WAS ‘UNSETTLING’ TO SOME WHO HAD SEEN HIM! I was told he could continue to attend rehearsals, but would NOT be allowed to sing during a service! Being the good Christian that I was, I prayed that Jesus would help me understand and accept their decision. A few weeks later I was late getting out of my Sunday School class to come upstairs to find Jonathon being held with his arms behind his back, sobbing, b/c he wanted to join the rest of the kids in the front of the church. I took him home and prayed for God’s wisdom. Being the wise God that He is He reminded me of the verse where Jesus said “Let the little children come unto Me and forbid them not as it would be better that a millstone was tied around your neck than to cause one of these to be harmed.” I wrote a letter with this verse in it and showed it to my husband b4 giving it to the ministers and board members … he told me to put cc: att’y at the end of it. The day after I handed it out to everyone the head pastor called to ask if they could come talk with us; the first thing out of his mouth was “We didn’t mean to discriminate against Jonathon.” Nowhere in my letter did I bring up discrimination but they KNEW that was EXACTLY what they had done! My husband told them it was their decision what happened next – they let him sing with the choir one more time and then they disbanded the choir – they couldn’t even get the CLUE that Jonathon was sent to them BY GOD so they could learn NOT TO JUDGE! NOW, dear harp, YOU are being given the opportunity by YOUR God to also learn not to judge!


Ok I’ll go easy, so your brain doesn’t explode
Try this Biblical exercise

Read only those words that are direct quotes from Jesus

Leave out all the texts from Pharisees trying to keep their jobs

Or Patriarchal Egos justifying the Male Chain Of Command and their rights to numerous wives

Leave out the scientifically false text, Aquinas had it backwards, God is acutely scientific

And you need to include those deleted Nag Hammadi Gospels from Magdeline (Jesus’s Significant Other) and Thomas that raving Buddhist

Read it all in depth. Read until you weep.
But in the end there are only 2 Laws Jesus passed

Love God with thy whole body and soul.
(That means his Creation as well. You know that place called Earth that we are destroying)

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
(Newtons 3rd law in Spiritual Context)


“Truly I tell you,” He said, "unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.

I’ll end with Gill’s explanation on that text

We ought to be, like such children, harmless and inoffensive; free from rancour and malice, meek, modest, and humble; without pride, self-conceit, and ambitious views, and desires of grandeur and superiority


BRAVO! Excellent response/comment. Many thanks.


Seatower has it right! Excellent discussion; unimpeachable argument!


Wise words from a Holygeezer! :thinking:


I was thinking along the same lines as I read this. I thought, “This is very similar to the way Hitlers’s Ministers and Deputies acted and spoke in is presence.”


I don’t know how my rsponse to you got posted to ‘WindHarps’ but here goes:


From what I know of Saint Francis, he would not be pleased with Mr. Ryan’s actions. The current Pope, who chose the name Francis for a reason, seems to be a very good man. It is a shame that Mr. Ryan does not heed his words.

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“Counterpart to the knee-jerk liberal is the new knee-pad conservative, always groveling before the rich and powerful.”
―Edward Abbey

While I do not want to quote Ed Abbey ad nauseum, this one really speaks to this sycophant organization we call congress.

And unfortunately, a small local sports business around the block, been here since the 50’s, is now closing its doors (due to never ending cancerous growth of Walmart inspired capitalism). And I can now buy kneepads for my rep, senator, (both rethugs) Turtle Man and Lickspittle Pence because the going out of business sell is now at 75% off everything.

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Of course, the sex of God is metaphorical, as I am certain you know. From a patriarchal society. If not metaphorical, is it real, and in what context? Does God really have man’s anatomy–I mean really? Does he have a long grey beard and wander heaven in a flowing robe edged in gold as well?

Please research “Yahweh and his Asherah” as evidence from drawings/inscriptions (and other archeological sources) from Kuntillet Arjud and other ancient Israeli sites. Early Israel was indeed polytheistic, which is well documented in the Bible/OT. Many Biblical experts, who know much more than all of us here, insist that Asherah was seen as God’s wife during that period.

Also, though heretical to most Christians, God had more than one son. “sons of God” is mentioned half a dozen times in the Bible. (Job 1.6; 2.1; 38.7; Psalms 29.1; 89.6; see also Deuteronomy 32.8.)

Because if you are going to insist that God is the father, you cannot ignore the rest of his family.



And well before Jesus walked the Earth, others had such ideas:

Zi Gong asked, “Is there a single saying that we can put into action throughout our lives?”

Confucius said, “Perhaps putting oneself in the other’s place. What you don’t wish for yourself, don’t do to others.” — Analects

Confucius, Kong Qiu, or Kongzi (551-479 BCE)

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rolson…“do unto others as you would have them do unto you” excellent… it does not get any simpler than that, I wonder how trump and co. would like it if everyone treated them as they treat everyone?

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Good Job on the Perspective, it is Indeed a Long Road.
Simple and True, Honest Heart, what else is there.

We have traveled similar paths, though different, the Destination is the Same.

And our static snapshot minds, what is single flame it is to light the World.

Stand Tall, God bring Wind to your Sails.

I’m sure She is Smiling on you now…

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In my youth I was privileged to live in Okinawa
I had no idea the impact that would have on me.

Lao Tzu has so much Wisdom pouring out of him is takes a Lifetime to Understand.
Confucius as well.

As a youth I read Sun Tzu The Art of War, and The Book of Five Rings and others.

After decades of Shorin Ryu, I found Morihei Ueshiba’s “The Art of Peace”

At the same time I found the Gateless Gate.
My Wife’s Spaniard Grandfather had it hidden among his Books, we found it after his death.

I’m better now…lol

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She is! The sun is bright, all my furbabies have been fed, and yesterday as I was getting out of my car Cranston and his family flew over to wish me a Blessed Winter Solstice – I mention this b/c She always sends me a wild creature with Her messages to me (that’s part of the reason I am ‘wolfess’ and it came from the book, Women Who Run With the Wolves – I have read it many times and find it quite cathartic each time).

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