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Plummeting in Polls, will Trump 'Wag the Dog' With Iran, North Korea?


Plummeting in Polls, will Trump 'Wag the Dog' With Iran, North Korea?

Juan Cole

"The conjuncture of these two pieces of news—Trump making cryptic but dire threats and Trump’s astonishing unpopularity—creates the threat of a wag the dog scenario."


More importantly, IHMO, will the American citizens take a principled stand, or will they do as they’re told to do by the plutocrats?


Thanks as usual to Professor Cole - would we had such clear-eyed and vocal political leaders here and abroad!

Also, will world leaders, for what their worth, realize if they don’t already, they are dealing with such a very dangerous situation and an idiot-child (who never served) with zero real understanding of war and its hideous consequences and take some preventive action!

trump is devoid of understanding of any critical issue outside his own ego/malignant narcissism. He lives in an ivory-tower fantasy world of wealth, privilege, very thin skin, and vindictive nature toward whoever or whatever crosses his extremely narrow world experience as “businessman” exploiter.

trumps “advisers” and other evil influences, especially Israel and its malignant extremist, are fomenting a US war with Iran - “let’s you and him fight”! That is a clear and present danger to our republic and entire world - one idiot-child being pushed by a religious extremist nutter and his treasonous American supporters holding first loyalty to a foreign power and their malignant “religious” psychosis and racism!

Take together this extremist insanity may well become a perfect storm, and leaders/resistance had better get their spines stiffened and fight it before it develops out of control momentum…


What storm? " You’ll find out."

That is what is so terrifying, because we will no doubt find out after it is too late! Trump has stated that he will not announce any attack on North Korea before he launches it. Amerika has it’s worst nightmare, a mentally dysfunctional dictator with his finger on the nuclear trigger!


According to Alex Jones (yeah, I know he is as much of an idiot as the prictator is) the ‘deep state’ is planning to take out Trump Jong-Un https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dxmWbiYMNSI I couldn’t watch anymore than a couple of minutes of it b/c it’s just so ‘out there’ but I do find it rather interesting that anyone is even talking about this as a possibility.


I thought the trend was for everyone to talk about this all the time. I mean, Trump wants people to think he’s crazy and will do anything:

Jones loves the guy so he’s all onboard the crazy tough man show. Don’t blame you for only watching Jones a few minutes. I’d urge you to watch him even less.


I have a wordpress blog and a friend posted the Jones vid there – I watched a couple minutes and then deleted it (feel like I at least need to watch a few seconds of the vids so that I have an excuse for deleting them), but Jones is such a nutball it’s really hard to have anything even approaching an open mind! :sunglasses::scream:


It’s sad he’s got followers. The man is nuts.


Whatever happened to our critical thinking skills??? Remember ‘Dragnet’ and the one actor in that series that always said “Just the facts, ma’am,” and then there were the 5 'w’s of reporting – it seems today that they get lost in all the embellishing adverbs and pronouns … :cry::thinking:


I remember feeling shock, and even horror, when President Kennedy was assassinated back in '63. I kind of like having a President who is so loved that people cry when he’s suddenly gone. …


Very true. It’s all about emotion and resentment, especially where Jones is concerned. He and his ilk just “know” everything because they do.

I don’t remember why, but I think someone at work sent me a link to a video game reviewer who discussed Jones earlier this year. It’s pretty compelling because the guy followed Jones for a while. Here’s the link if you are interested:


Picture this cartoon (I can’t draw): Trump in the Situation Room whining “But I want a war, a Huge one! Remember this generals, I know more than you, so there.”


Only Congress has the power to declare war and presidents usually do go to Congress to get approval (Vietnam, Frst Gulf War, Afghanistan, Iraq). But they do somethings launch strikes that are not part of a war. But since Trump sees himself as being above the law anything is possible. Of course if he goes to war he will get a lot support. For many people supporting the US in war is the patriotic thing to do. Attacking North Korea could lead to a catastrophic disaster and probably would. So, I think attacking Iran is much more likely. What could complicate that is Russia which is sort of ally of Iran. So it might depend on what Putin would do. If he backed Iran then that would be a very dangerous situation. All in all, with Trump as president things are unpredictable and some historic disaster could occur. His mental health is uncertain and no person like Trump should ever be given the power to cause harm that he now possesses.


You don’t really want to know do you? The correlation between citizens and residents of the U.S. and principled stands is somewhere between inverse and non-existent. At best, it is skewed.


“Joe,” whose side-kick was played by Harry Morgan of MASH fame.


“Alex Jones is as much an idiot as the prictator.”

Boy! Is that ever true!


Excellent vid – I posted it on my blog – don’t trust what anyone says, prove it is true!


Have you watched any of the SNL sketches of ‘The President Show’? I could seriously see Alec Baldwin doing your cartoon! :rofl:


That’s why I said it :sunglasses::smiling_imp: And thank yah; thank yah verah much! (They need an Elvis Presley emoji)


Oh my god, I told you months ago this is where Trump was leading.
The fear must have been felt widespread. Which is worse?
The fear or the prospect? The stark fear of
a supposedly elected leader, or, the fear of his use of deadly weaponry?
$190 million Tomahawk missiles useless “shot across the bow” bombardment.
The MOAB (mother of all bombs) used for ‘extermination’ purposes.
The generals lining up like Hitler’s generals lined up declaring victory,
disappearing behind closed doors, dying after others under their command.