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Plummeting Loser

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/09/15/plummeting-loser

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Couldn’t our deplorable presidunce go to bed tonight and just not wake up??? Please??


But, But, But. . . 40% of our citizens love him! Didn’t you see them chanting “We love you” at the rallies?!?


Oh, if only…if only!


We all know Trump is a dangerous, bumbling nut, except for his talent for self-promotion and grifting.

But this article gives the impression that he shouldn’t use those video mash-ups of Biden fondling young girls. Or that Hillary wouldn’t gladly have assassinated Assad given half a chance. Or that Trump’s base doesn’t become even more overjoyed when the world reports that they don’t like him.

This is how he is still this race:
Biden’s handsy-ness obviously makes those he fondles uncomfortable, many have complained.
Trump has outflanked the Ds on foreign policy by running to their left, while the Ds move right. Twice.
The enthusiasm of his base is stoked by his telling other countries that they can’t rely on us.

I like these snark columns, but let’s not kid ourselves about this: If not for the pandemic, Trump would be coasting to a re-election landslide in November. This article, snarkily, calls him a loser. Yet last time I checked, he was the winner in 2016, and the Ds are running the same “at least we’re not Trump” strategy that led to his win. Damn.


Which is really quite the commentary on the erosion of American character over the last ___ years. You may start the clock where you wish as there are so many data points that make good jumping off points: cable television, computer graphics, WWE TV wrestling, “news” for profit, “reality” TV, gangster rap, Meal Team Six, Alex Jones. That’s just in the last forty years.


The erosion of the American character began before there was an America. White people arrived to conquer and exploit the place – and they weren’t exactly kind and gentle in the process.

However, I’m more concerned with the urgent reality of right now.

I get attacked here because I reject the duopoly, fine. But from a “pragmatic” electoral strategy standpoint, every expert pollster I read is saying that this election will hinge on winning moderate women in the suburbs. Both nominees know that.

So the Ds run a guy who makes girls uncomfortable because he fondles them.
And The Rs can run a highlight reel of that fondling on prime time TV.

And that’s how a guy who should be down double digits ekes out a win.
But the Ds won’t blame themselves for running another shit sandwich ticket.
They’ll blame people like me because we wouldn’t eat a shit sandwich.


Wow???----What was the fed doing last Sept??? Repo markets ring a bell??? 7 trillion pumped into the economy—it should be on FIRE??? They can’t raise interest rates without the economy exploding ??? This is a house of cards built on debt----just like Trumps casinos


The stock market is on fire. Mission accomplished.

If you treat Trump as a human being yyou have already lost


Trump thinks he is JFK ------and it is interesting—Trump is an isolationist -----JFK would not be an isolationist-------he would want to lead the world---------Trump is a coward.

And the coward will be extending drone bombing of Kenya----no need to tell anyone???

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Nah, nobody blames you for your inane comments
Or always being the apologist for trumps world view by consistently trashing democrats.

Maybe it is just the depressing perspective that you always bring to the table.
Both sides suck and republicans aren’t really that bad, because democrats are really just as bad, in fact suck more because they are enablers.

Wow! They are Enablers, coming from the equivocating enabler himself.
And let’s smear with pedofilia (4 times is 2 paragraphs) and then there is always the Hillary puppet to flash for negative reaction.

The problem with this perspective, is that it is a self perpetuating trough of continuing misery.

So you don’t buy into the duopoly, shit nobody thinking does.

But what do you buy into, what do you CONSTRUCT, BUILD. STAND FOR.

Oh yeah…You don’t eat shit sandwiches.

Thank You so much for that Enabling perspective.


You buy into the duopoly.
Your entire comment amounts to a defense of it.
You must not be a thinking person.

I asked you some questions in another thread. Which I see you c/wouldn’t answer.
But I’ll ask one more: Do I have not right to do what everyone else does here – promote my viewpoint?



Trying to communicate with a plummeting loser or an obnoxious computer program that cannot respond without abuse and routinely ignoring any rational analysis, thoughtful or truthful attempt is difficult or impossible. The pattern is one of obtuse lack of reason, respect, regard for truth and whatever else I may add that will not confuse my meaning, intent, and contempt for the pattern. There is no reasoning with a cement wall, fixing arrogant stupidity or predictable intentionally divisive subversive propaganda; one is only frustrated by the exercise… Peace

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This stat speaks more about Americans (40% of whom have been on Trump’s side no matter what), than about Trump. And that, I think, is the real issue.


der Fuehrer, we love you!

That, my friend, is exactly the issue. Trumpsky did not just appear from the ether; he was elected. How can Rethuglicans like McConnell, despite showing nothing but a cynical contempt for his constituents, continue to be re-elected, if not for that “40%”? Or that a health crisis is a political issue? Or “Space Force” is a good idea? Despite being attributed to a number of people, correctly or incorrectly, it’s nonetheless true: “No one ever lost money underestimating the intelligence of the American public.”


They, or “we” (I have lots of colonial ancestors), were a death march across the continent, actually, the entire hemisphere. It wasn’t only the Native Americans, whose populations they obliterated down to only maybe 3% of the pre-Columbian numbers, meaning very probably 16-18 million people, it was everything.

They started chopping down all the trees, exterminating all the large predators and other wildlife. The Carolina Parakeet became extinct from just shooting them until they were all gone. Somewhere between 30 and 60 million bison were reduced to fewer than 100 individuals in just a few years. They started fouling all the waters with waste. We just destroy and destroy and destroy.

This entire exploitative, materialistic, sick way of living on the planet cannot be redeemed. There is zero hope in clinging to any aspect of this society. It’s a failure. It has lasted little more than 200 years in its American incarnation before bringing the entire planet to extinction, but Europe had been that way for centuries already before they got here. It was a bunch of shithole countries who have invaded and destroyed the entire world. And there are no answers for it. None exist. Because ALL of it is wrong. The entire culture requires that we all live in an alternate, humanistic reality where human beings are much more talented, intelligent and moral than they actually are, and have entitlements they don’t actually possess.


I actually pity you. The D in TDS is for derangement.
You have every opportunity to show people here that what I write disregards the truth.
Yet you can’t because nothing does despite your facile whining.

So when you accuse me of disregarding the truth, you make a fool of yourself. Think about that, man.

We get it, you want everyone to hold their noses and vote D.
But you need to respect the right of others to disagree. Think about that, too.