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Plutocrats and Their Pets


Plutocrats and Their Pets

Richard North Patterson

Wikipedia defines plutocracy as a society "controlled by the small minority of its wealthiest members." In 2010, the Supreme Court set out to help us join the list.


Thank you for the article, Mr. Patterson. I can see why you are a successful novelist; you have a "way with words."


The Repugnicant Klown Kar of Kandidates does not have one among them that does not nor will not prostitute him or herself out to the highest bidder. And I am certain that Adelson has "done business with" any number of same over the years. A pit of vipers all. HRC does not ride in that Kar but has demonstrated her affinity for campaign coffer calumny.


Historically, taxing plutocrats has not ended plutocracy. A bloody revolution can for a while until a new plutocracy or hegemony establishes itself. There are non-violent ways that beat taxes for ending plutocracy, like democracy.


Bernie doesn't have a Super PAC. Average donation is under $30.