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Podemos-Backed, Anti-Austerity Leftist Becomes Madrid's New Mayor


Podemos-Backed, Anti-Austerity Leftist Becomes Madrid's New Mayor

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Manuela Carmena, a 71-year-old retired judge who ran on an anti-austerity, anti-corruption, anti-eviction platform, is set to become the next mayor of Spain's capital, Madrid, after her leftist Ahora Madrid protest party on Thursday agreed to an alliance with the Socialist party.


When are the US peons going to fight back like the Greeks and Spaniards have??? :pensive: :weary: :scream:


Naw, we don’t believe in elections as an agent of change here in the US - we’d rather march around with signs and “pressure” the same schmucks we keep electing …


At least two conditions will be necessary.

  1. Unemployment will have to reach the level of 25%, as it did in Spain & Greece.

  2. “Leftists” such as yourself will have to give up on calling people “peons,” and get out and organize in workplaces and neighborhoods.


While I sincerely wish it wasn’t so, the peons in the U.S. will never react in the same way they are in Greece and Spain, because they lack the courage that they fantasize that they have, and are so deluded that they are ‘exceptional’ and have a way of life worth preserving, that they will allow the country to be destroyed before they’ll save it. And I think there’s a serious justification for calling them ‘peons’ until they recognize it in themselves, recognize how their apathy and their ‘peon-ness’ has contributed mightily to the destruction of the US, and get up off their brainwashed asses and do something to change it. We leftists get nowhere by continuing to imagine that there’s any good to be had in worrying first about not offending people. Americans take offense at practically anything faster than anybody else in the world it’s time they woke up, grew up, and started to seriously fight back.)
Americans have been robbed of the opportunity to have a thriving left ideology available to them to draw upon over the course of their entire history, by the successful manipulations of capitalism, corporatism, the almost completely bought-out whoring mainstream media, and the incessant propaganda about the supremacy of that evil trinity of American ‘exceptionalism’ : masculinity, militarism, and money. Yes, it sounds like just ranting insults and ‘anti-Americanism’ to say that there’s far too many people in the country who are stupid and backward in their political enlightenment, poorly educated, and believe too much in their bullshit mythology in a new century in which they cannot afford it anymore, precisely because there’s been a coup d’état, because 9/11 was an inside job, whether you can cope with that reality or not, and the place is so completely morally bankrupt and betrayed that believing in the cartoons anymore isn’t going to help the US survive the 21st century. Only waking up and realizing that you have a socialized military, doing virtually nothing but harm everywhere in the world, so what the hell is wrong with socialized education and healthcare – is just the start of the argument about why Americans can’t pull off what they’re pulling off in Spain and Greece. The discourse or discussion in America is still not sufficiently mature or sophisticated to allow enough mainstream apprehension of the idea that the United States is wrong about a great deal of things that it is bastardizing itself and the rest of the world about. That it needs to get its self-important head out of its ass if it pushes to survive, and that contrary to what too many of its people seem to think, it has a great deal it can learn from the rest of the world. But it believes it has nothing to learn from the rest of the world. Meanwhile every single indicator that you can name, starting with the internal destruction through the refusal to invest in sustainable energy and reconstruct the infrastructure, the craven cowardice and corporate-prostitutional nature of federal politics - starting with the current puppet in the White House, whose tongue is so far up corporate arse that he’ll try to ram through the Transpacific Partnership over any number of dead bodies, with no accountability for why it’s all being done in secret – the epidemic of police brutality and militarized urban policing, and the glorification of law enforcement, soldiers, and the entire military enterprise, shows that the country is being destroyed from within. Americans never shut up about how they took pitchforks and and torches to the arses of the British and drove them out, but they apparently lack the courage to take those same pitchforks and torches now to their tyrannical, treasonous excuse for a government and the corporate sector to save their country. Why? Because they’ve been brainwashed to believe that there is no other way, and that to dismantle the system will mean the destruction of the country and everybody’s way of life, which they do not have the spine for. But that is precisely what it means, so until they’re prepared to try to make some kind of Phoenix rise from the ashpile that’s getting higher every day, and doing something meaningful - like having the kind of goddamn revolution that they seem to be so proud of having had 200+ years ago, but are too cowardly to have now - to put the brakes on the United States becoming a shithole and going down the toilet faster than anybody can imagine. they can forget ever having the courage of the Spaniards or the Greeks.


That’s why I started calling them peons – so they’d get off their “brainwashed asses” and fight the hell back! I wanted to make them angry enough to DO something.


The “peons” are trembling before your mighty roar.


There’s no reason to be insulting.


There’s no reason for lefties to be calling the people “peons” either. Especially lefties.