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Podemos Takes Creative Approach in Bid for 'Most-Read Manifesto'


Podemos Takes Creative Approach in Bid for 'Most-Read Manifesto'

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

The Spanish anti-austerity political party Podemos has an interesting idea to make its new platform the "most-read manifesto ever produced": put it in the form of an Ikea catalog.

Across pages of photographs depicting the party's leaders relaxing or working in their sun-dappled homes, Podemos outlines its proposals (pdf) on key political issues, covering familiar ground with plans to reduce unemployment and increase taxes on the wealthy.


Will Podemos go the way of Syriza? My money says it will. :disappointed:


So Bernie didn't get it and Syriza is on the ropes.


It has always been this way, get used to it.

One STANDS for what is Right regardless of the Outcome.

We FIGHT the Good Fight, and always will.

Thank You Podemos, the Entire Global Humanitarian Effort, for all you Do.

"The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice"


Although the margin was slim and a recount is in progress, a progressive candidate recently won against a right winger in Austria. There are glimmers of hope.


Liberals are creative. Conservatives are destructive. Yin and Yang I guess.


I look about the world, and the many examples I see show that creative:destructive are mostly uncorrelated to Liberal:Conservative. And that the political labels "Liberal" and "Conservative" are poorly correlated to the dictionary meaning of 'conservative'.

As an example, it is Environmentalist-Greens, who identify as 'Liberals' and 'Left-wing', who are fanatical about preserving the environment as wild and unchanged ... the verb 'preserve' is a synonym of 'conserve' and the Greens will sometimes advocate for conservation. While 'Conservatives' explore or seek how to obtain better value for people from the land and what's on it. And yes, they do seek to make some money from it, in 'better mousetrap and the world beats a path to your door' terms. It can make one wonder whether the Greens (NIMBY) would be better labeled as 'Conservatives', and businessmen as 'Liberals'...


The article is mostly about the presentation of Podemos' platform, rather than the substance of it. Fair enough, there need to be such articles, and articles about the substance can be found elsewhere.

From what is shown, has anyone else noticed that the places and persons shown are fairly well off? There seem to be no photos of anything or anyone we could call 'The lower half', and certainly no contrast photos of "This is how so-and-so lived when their city was ruled by the right-wingers, and this is how they live now since Podemos won."


You may be confusing "conservatives" with "conservationists", their polar opposites. Another word for "conservatives" is "authoritarians". The ones who cause and espouse war, environmental destruction, religious fanaticism, inequality, racism, misogyny, corporate crime and every other evil known to man, usually in the name of God.